Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mommy, mommy... Wait that's me.

Sorry I have been absent from the blogging world. Sometimes life gets crazy busy and unfortunately blogging gets a back seat. Things are still pretty crazy but figured I'll take a moment to catch you all up. 

  Well I had been doing pretty well with my running training in preparing for my second 10k. My friend and I had been running outside at least once a week. Well that 10k never g happened. Well it happened but I was not there.  Four days before the 10k we got another call that changed everything. So on that Friday we became instant parents again.  This t time would be far different than the last.  This time we were become parents to a 5 year old girl.

  As you can imagine this threw a while new slew of firsts into the mix. I'll share a few now to give you an idea.

1. Enrolling a child in school- she came to us on a Friday and with school being in session I needed to work fast to figure out how to enroll her in Kindergarten. I thought there was a lot of paperwork for the daycare.  I filed everything out, meet with the registrar, and got her ready to start school on Wednesday.  There were lots of nerves and all were on me.  I was surprisingly really nervous to meet the teacher.  I felt like I was the one going back to school! The first day I got her from day care and walked her to and from school.  She was a pro and handled it with ease. I was stilla nervous wreck.  The next day she took the day care bus there and back.  I was that parent who called before and after to make sure she made it.  "Do they lose children often? Surely they don't"but I was still nervous.

2. 5 year old conversations- last time we had a 16 month old and there is not much conversation.  Lots of "hi" and waving.  Five year old have lots more to say, obviously.  It's not just how much they say, but what they say I find interesting.  Some times it clearly is not the truth or what happened but can be funny none the less. Also if they catch you doing anything wrong they will rat you out. I bumped her already bruised knee when we are getting in the car after shopping and the moment my husband walked in the door she told on me, making it a bit more dramatic than what happened.  I also learned they have a different concept of time, we got to work on that as according to her yesterday was the busiest day ever consisting of two plus weeks worth of activities.

We are certainly still adjusting but enjoying it for sure.  We have gotten to make a list for santa, go to the library, start gymnastics, and will hopefully get to see santa this weekend.  I am sure the list of first will grow and grow from here!!

Stay tuned for more adventures in being instant parents.