Monday, May 28, 2012

Lauren Visits Chicago 2012

Here is my recap of my sister from another mister, my BFF Lauren's trip to visit me this past weekend.  I had not seen her in 2 years and we have been friends for 22 years.

Thursday: After aqua fitness (I am dedicated) I headed down to O'Hare to pick Lauren up.  She flew Delta and her flight came in around 9pm.  I barely made it because I saw the flight was delayed a bit so I went to Panera and Kohl's but the flight wound up making up time.  After getting her luggage, we headed home where we chatted some before heading to bed.

Friday:  6am came quick and we had to head out pretty early to get the 7:30am train to Union Station.  We had a pretty good train ride and we were in the city before we knew it.  We took a cab to the Shedd Aquarium and did not have to wait in line since I bought our tickets online.  We looked at all the fish and creatures from about 9am until 10:00am. 
A fish and me

Breakfast anyone?

Good morning!

Row, row, row your canoe


Huge crabbie


 Then we headed to check out the Jellies exhibit which was awesome!  I have never really seen Jellyfish up close and they were very neat.  

Egg Yoke Jellies

Upside down jellies

Next stop was to see the Sea lion and the Dolphins.  Around 11am we got lunch in the cafe.  I had a burrito and Lauren got pizza.

Lake Michigan
12:30pm we went and saw the aquatics show.  The whales were really cute but the show was not what we expected.  They showed us a dog they were training which was a bit odd.
Waiting for the show

Beluga Whale

Butt pad I sat on

After the show we went to the 4D Planet Earth show, it was pretty cool but I did not like getting poked in the back by the chair when the shark jumped out of the water.  After we were done we took some pictures of the city and headed home.

Lauren in front of the city

On the train home
We picked up Justin and went to try Five Guys for the first time.  It was awesome, they had my favorite soda machine, good burgers, and mountains of fries.
Five Guys Gurnee

My fav soda machine

My burger

French Fries, yum!
Overflow of fries

Satisfied with my food
Saturday: Premier Outlets in Pleasant Prairie here we come!! I got a new coach purse, it is a dark blue and was only $80.  I also got 5 new things at New York and Co for only $40 total.  Lauren got new jeans at Gap and we both got some nice things at Fossil.  Also I got some new eye shadow at Bare Essentials for only $10 for 6 eye shadows.  Good deals!!  We headed back to Round Lake Beach to have lunch at Panera and then shop a bit more at Kohls.  We made yummy chicken for dinner and watched tv.
Tobi loves Lauren
Sunday: We went to Goodwill where I got 2 new cardigans and some games for the kids.  I also got two stuffed animal making kits for our future kids room.  Mom came over about 2:30 and we caught up with her.  The the four of us headed to Portillos for dinner.  
Baked Spagetti

Mom and Raviolis

Me and my buddie

Justin, me, and mom
Lauren, mom, and I

Chopped Salad!
After dinner we went to Culver's for custard.  I had Cake Batter, Lauren got Brownie Batter, and Justin got a Chocolate Milk Shake. We looked at pictures back at home then watch My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding and Say Yes to the Dress Bridesmaids. 
Monday: Only a few hours of hanging out and tv before I had to take Lauren to the airport.

Being Silly

After dropping Lauren off at security I headed back to my car when a girl that looked like she belonged on My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding asked me if I had money for bus fair to Rockford, which I quickly ran to my car.  The weekend flew by really fast but I an so glad my BFF came to visit.  Can't wait until I see her again!