Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cat Picture Time!

I know it has been awhile so I think it is time for a cat picture photo dump!
Tobi and his rat

Look at me and nothing else!

This grass is done, I want more!

Cat paw

Someone missed his daddy while he was at work

Tobi time

Nap time

Weekend Wrap Up- Burgers and Tacos- Lots of Pics!

This weekend was a pretty quiet one, which is just fine with us! Saturday we did some odds and ends around the house. We had this one light that was hard to reach burn out so Justin replaced that. We folded laundry and picked up the house. For dinner we went to a local favorite, Bulldogs in downtown Grayslake. This was Justin's belated birthday dinner.
One of the specials was the A-Rod and I just had to get it. In case he won't be around much longer :)

This is just the burgers, they have so many to choose from!

Justin enjoying the atmosphere while we wait for food

Yes I am wearing a sweatshirt and t-shirt in July, it was 60 degrees!

Justin looking at a flyer
They have a cute little dinner feel

Lots of local Grayslake support!

We were at the Elvis table

The small Garlic fries and Hillbilly fries

Double D for Justin

Bring on the Double D

Well hello A-Rod

After dinner we went and got Guido some kitty treats as he does not like Tobi's and some cat grass. Then we did some produce shopping at Garden Fresh Market.

Someone found his grass in the bag

Yup this just happened, we go Gelato! Made in Chicago too!

And the cats are out!
Sunday I decided to go outside for a run since it was only 67 outside. I got about 2.7 miles then was pretty much done.

I then went to GNC to pick up some Chia seeds and some protein drinks. Afterward we just hung out some more, Justin was working. For dinner we made Tacos, a black bean side, refried beans, and rice.
Love me some Sprechers!

 We watched Sharknado which was so bad it was good!
Then I finally got around to make the Paula Deen cookies we got months ago. Boy are they good!

Boy did this weekend fly by! How did you spend the weekend?

Weekly Workout Roundup

This weeks work outs were not too bad. I was happy to get outside and run today.
Monday July 22- spinning with Tom- 4 activity points earned
Tuesday July 23- run and weights. Ran 3.5 miles on the treadmill and lifted- 5 activity points earned
Wednesday July 24th- went for a 2 mile walk with Justin- 1 activity point earned
Thursday July 25th- spinning with Ryan, speakers were broke but that stunk- 3 activity points earned
Friday and Sat were days off
Sunday July 28th- 2.6 mile run outside then short walk. Run was good but weather threw me off and got kind of hot- 3 activity points earned
How was your activity this week?

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Upcoming Races- Trying to Build Running Momentum

So now that I have 3 5Ks under my belt, I figured why not take the next step and go for a 10k. So I checked around and this one struck my eye.
Photo property of the Brewers and MLB
Not ready for the mini marathon yet so I will be attempting the 10K. Anyone that knows me knows I love baseball and any opportunity to participate in a run sponsored by a MLB team, count me in! I was pretty impressed with the Sausage Run I did this month sponsored by the Brewers so I am sure I can expect the same level of race with this one. I am a bit nervous as the farthest I have run on a treadmill is 5 miles and outside is 4. The minimum pace you need to maintain is 16 minute miles. Even at my slowest I have never really dropped below 12:30 per mile, so I think I am good even if I have to run/walk at times. I am planning on joining my towns runners club, I think it will be a good way to get me outside running more and feel safe running with others. I currently spin twice a week, then usually run the treadmill twice since it is so hot out.
Does anyone currently belong to a runners club, thoughts?
Before I make the big jump to the 10k I have one more 5k in August. I am going to do the Rally for Autism race, a few of my co workers are organizing the run so I thought it would be a nice way to support them and the cause. While Independence Grove is not my favorite place to run, I figured it would not be too bad as it might not be a huge race. I just need to make sure I get in front of the walkers! No more bobbing and weaving for 1 mile!!
Anyone have any big races they are gearing up for? Any tips or advice on training for a 10k?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up- Racing Sausage 5k Race Recap

This weekend was busy but a lot of fun.
Friday after work I went with my neighbors to the Grayslake pool for a few hours. Thankfully the weather held out and we were able to enjoy our time at the pool. I even had my first Hawaiian Ice in years! Tigers blood of course! That night Justin and I did some shopping and got groceries. I received a spend $15 get $15 off coupon for Archivers and was able to get a Smash book and pen for $2.50.
Saturday I got up at 5 am to drive to Milwaukee for the Famous Racing Sausages 5k at Miller Park.
Yes you get to run with these guys
I met my co worker John there, his wife Traci, her mom, and another co worker Todd. Justin had to work and unfortunately could not come, maybe next year! The weather was really nice and not as hot as I expected it to be. The race is really popular and has sold out every year since 2008. This year there would be 4,000 people signed up to run. We got there about 45 minutes before the race and were able to relax and stretch before heading to the start line. I did not take any pictures during the race because I was focused but here are some before:
Love the color of the shirt, glad it's not white!

My bib
Waiting for the race to start outside the Haus

The racing sausages were on everything!

Miller Park looks weird in this photo with no cars in the parking lot

Hot Dog!
Traci, her mom, and I stuck close to the 10-15 minute mile starting area. Little did I know that tons of walkers also picked this area instead of the walker area. I spent the first 1/2 mile bobbing and weaving walkers to try and get out of the crowd, I think this certainly effected my time. Also, this is my first race with chip timing. We crossed the little speed bumps and I stopped and asked if we crossed the start line already. Ugh I should have kept going. The course was really interesting and hotter than expected! You ran for the first 2 miles around the parking lot of Miller Park (no trees in the blazing sun), there was water at mile 1 and about mile 2.5.
At mile 2, you entered the baseball stadium via the delivery doors. I got to run on the warning track from right field, around home plate, and back to left field. It was amazing being on the field and looking up at the seats. It was also cool because they were prepping the field for the ball game that night, I tried to soak in as much as I could running through that stadium. The Garmin went a bit wacky inside the ballpark since it could not get a signal. We headed out another delivery door we went and headed back towards the Sausage Haus where we started. As I was making the way towards the finish I saw Chorizo  and Hot Dog but could not catch them, turns out they started about 4 min before me and technically I beat them :).
My Garmin said I finished in 36:27 and I believe that over the number below because as soon as I crossed the chip bump I stopped to turn on the Garmin. So I count that as my official time. Now I know how these chip things work. I can't wait to sign up for the 10k in September and also for this race again next year. Miller Park and the Brewers put on a good race. Lots of volunteers and a well marked course. I did not get my beer or hot dog after the race but that's ok.
Race Site: 
I tried to head to Sprecher's after the race to get more soda and beer but they did not open until 11am, oh well next time! Afterwards we headed back to Traci's mom's where I got to meet her sister and we relaxed and went swimming. I got to see John and Traci's dogs that I heard so much about! It was a very nice time. I headed home about 2pm after Khalid (another co worker) got there because they were all going to the baseball game that night, boy was I tired from getting up and the run! When I got home I took a slight nap with Tobi and then Justin and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. I got a hummus Mediterranean salad and we split onion rings.
Sunday we relaxed and watched tv until about 2pm, then we folded laundry and cleaned the house. After that we made dinner, burgers, green bean fries, fries, and veggies. It came out so good!
My burger was a California style burger with guacamole and scallions

Justin made a double burger with cheese and bacon
During and after dinner we watched the Yankees play the Red Sox. We are 2 hours in and it is only the 6th, Red Sox winning 7-5, let's go Yankees!
How was your weekend?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up!!

This weekend we took off a few days and had a four day weekend. It was certainly much needed! Friday we went and saw Despicable Me 2 and it was awesome!
We went early and there was almost no one in the theater.
Saturday we started our project for the day, painting the kitchen. We picked a darker, brighter shade of yellow than what we originally had. It surprisingly went fast and we had it done in just a few hours.
Guido was already to help

Tobi was not so sure and kept back

Our cool, Zinnia Gold

Painting behind the fridge

Me and My painting helper

He is always in the action

Justin planning his next move


Tobi tired from avoiding the painting

Phil watching the Sox Phillie game

Now someone is interested

Looking good!
 After we finished we cleaned up and headed to Elgin for a game night with Justin's co workers. On the way there we stopped at Chic Fil A for dinner in Crystal Lake. I got the Market Salad and it was SO good!

I was so shocked there was a Sleepy's! Apparently they just opened them here in Chicago a few weeks ago, I had to take a picture. It reminded me so much of NY.

Sunday Mom and Dad came over to hang out and have some Jimanoz's pizza. We watched lots of baseball games.

Monday we went shopping for new clothes for Justin and a chain to fix or toilet, fun times!