Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend wrap up and Cat Pics!

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This weekend we headed down to Deer Creek IL to see Justin's parents and celebrate the 4 th of July with our friends. Justin's tooth had been bothering him so we were unsure Thursday if we were going to be able to go, but he got some antibiotics and after work Friday we were on our way.  We stopped in Pontiac for some yummy Taco Bell and got to Deer Creek a bit after 10.
Saturday we hung out with Justin's mom in the morning and played with Dandy cat and Shadow dog. Dandy may look as big as Guido and Tobi but he weighs about half the amount.  We headed to Sarah and Joel's around 330pm. It was nice seeing all of our friends, catching up, and enjoying some BBQ. We played with our friends little girl and boy which is always a good time! After a lot of people left they light the firepit, as it was actually getting cold!
Sunday Justin's dad came back from being out of town so we caught up with him. We ordered some of our favorite pizza Monicals. It did not disappoint as usual! We headed home and got back about 6pm where we just relaxed the rest of the night. It was a nice weekend and a great time with friends and family.
Dandy- Justin's parents cat
Guido and his girlfriend


Someone did not feel good today, but he is better now

Baby Tobi

They look scary here but they were glad we were home

He loves pants

One more of Dandy

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