Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dirty Girl Mud Run Recap- Chicago, IL

Yesterday June 29th I participated in the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Grayslake, IL at the Lake County Fair grounds. Let me just say like a lot of ladies participating, I hate mud. But this event looked too awesome to pass up. It was pretty nice the event was so close to where I live.
My wave was 9:30 so we got there at 8am to get my packet and meet my team. Registration included a nice shirt and a necklace with a charm. You also got some shampoo samples and a free beer.
Glad we got there early, there was a long line to check in but it moved pretty fast.

They had so much stuff in the area, food, rinse stations, bag check, Paul Mitchell hair was braiding hair, lots to do and well organized. There were indoor bathroom and also plenty of porta potties, never a line to use them. They also had tons of safety pins, which was nice since I forgot mine. The course was full of photographers, I can't wait to see the pictures.

First member of the team to arrive was my best friend Bonnie and her family. Her husband and son hung out with Justin while we ran. Bonnie and I were a member of the Buff Titches, they are a group of bootcamp girls my aqua fit instructor Irene works out with. Note all pictures below are from Denise's husband.
Our team, we all had shirts but I did not want mine to get dirty

Irene, Bonnie and I prerace
Ready to kick butt on the course!

Me, Bonnie, Irene, and Denise
I was very impress the race started on time, right at 9:30. The weather was cool for June and pretty overcast. They had the course very well mapped out and it did not take long before we got to the first obstacle.
The em cee was funny, they also had a girl doing Zumba to pump the crowd up.
Bouncing down the first obstacle. Totally fun and not dirty. After this obstacle we rounded the corner and went through a rope maze, also kept clean. Next was a bit of running, we were not able to run too much as the ground was very uneven and rocky.
This was the next obstacle, I headed towards the side with the lower walls. Up and over fast and on to the next one.
This was the first of the muddy events, managed to keep the upper half clean and just get the lower half muddy.
Irene was not so lucky as Denise tackled her down into the mud! Next we headed to another muddy event where we had to crawl under a net that got lower and lower. I got more muddy this time.
Starting to get muddier now! The next event was the scariest for me, we had to climb up a large rope wall. I will say that the event was full of volunteers and safety crew. They made sure only a certain number of people were on a structure at once.
Getting ready to tackle my fear and the rope net
 Denise and Irene after we made it over
Next we had another rope net but this one was one where we crawled on our hands and knees like a spider. After that is was off to these huge dumpsters full of water we had to wade through, if were we not wet and muddy yet we were now.
Then it was off to the tire maze before a bunch of hills to the big slide.
It was big but it was fun
I am so muddy!
And we were so muddy afterwards!



All muddy but still having an awesome time! We only had a few more events to get over before we reached the finish line. Bonnie and I made it just before the team at about 1:04.
We're almost to the end!

Best friends finish together!

We are so muddy but it was worth it! Off to get cleaned up in the rinse area. The rinse area was not much, it was pretty much a dark tent with hoses. We donated our shoes and I headed to get my free beer. I bought a sticker for my car and a magnet. I highly suggest the Dirty Girl Mud run, I am so glad I did it this year and can not wait to compete again next year!
Justin and I then headed to Denny's to get in some much needed protein and then headed home for me to add my bib to my bib holder. I think it looks good with the mud on it.












  1. I love your team name and shirts! Looks like you had a blast!

    1. Thanks Meghan we did! If you are in the burbs next year you should consider doing it!

  2. Yay! It looks fun! We are having a "Glow Run" here in Memphis in a few weeks.

  3. My friend Lauren is doing the Glow Run in Memphis later this month, are you doing it? Looks like fun! I might sign up for the Glo Run in Milwaukee.