Saturday, June 1, 2013

Get Crafty- Bibs and Medals

After running the Color Run last week I knew I wanted something to keep my bib somewhere I could see it. I had seen these bib and medal holders on Etsy but I did not want to spend $40-$50 each for them. I am pretty crafty so I know I could make it myself for way less. I found these directions on Pavement Runner. I went to Hobby Lobby on the way home from work and picked up the materials to make the bib and medal holders. I got two wood boards, paint, cup hooks, brackets, brushes, and stencils all for about $20.
First I made the bib holder, I might not have the stencil skills but I thought it came out decent:
Before adding the bib

After I added the bib
I will add another set of cup hooks once I get larger bibs. Next I worked on the medal holder, I don't have any medals yet but hope to get some soon :).
The I in Bling was a bit weird at first, but I think I fixed it. I also need to add the missing cup hook.
I figured for my first attempt, they came out pretty good. I plan on hanging them in my foyer above my shoe rack so it will remind me to get to the gym and keep going.
I also signed up for a run I am very excited about today, the Racing Sausages 5K. You get to run with the Racing Sausages, around Miller Park, and on the field!
Where do you display your bibs and medals?

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