Sunday, November 23, 2014

Women Rock Half Marathon Recap 9-28-2014

This year I completed my first and second half marathon with my friend Kelly. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of pictures because I thought they would have professional photographers at the race but they really did not. So no race pictures of me were captured :(.

We got up super early and headed to our parking garage on Webster. It was super easy to find and we paid we via ParkWiz so we headed right in and got a spot. The lot was a 10 minute walk to the start line, which was not bad at all. We skipped by the first line of porto potties to find the second group with a shorter line. The line to verify 21 and older was WAY long so I figured I'll get my wristband at the end.

We headed to the start line, which kind stunk because there was no corrals. So we guessed where we should stand and got in a spot. Once the race took off we headed out towards the tunnel under lakeshore drive up to the lake front path.

There were some pros and a lot of cons to this race. I some how managed to PR given the circumstance and was extremely happy. Kelly had a harder time and finished about 15 min after me. We met up, had some chocolate milk, drank Champaign (yuck), and had to use the phones GPS to find the car. We then took the long journey back home. Next year I think I will do the 10k because you still get the necklace, jacket, and can buy the medal.


Nice stained glass medal... for purchase
Nice necklace, I wear mine a lot
Nice jacket

Only 4 water stations for 13 miles, it was hot and I am glad I brought my own water.
You share the path with people training for the marathon, bikers, dog walkers, rollerblades...etc
Low race support
Rough terrain
High cost