Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sarah and Joel Visit- September

I wanted to post some pictures from when our wonderful friends Sarah and Joel came to visit in Sept. Sarah and I went to the outlets Saturday morning. That night we made burgers and watched Sherlock Holms. Sunday we took them to eat at Texas de Brazil, what yummy food!
Texas de Brazil Schaumburg

View from our table

From the salad bar

Enjoying our food


All done!

Tobi time


Sunday Football Day

Happy Sunday everyone! I know I have not wrote in awhile but it has been so busy. I still need to post the rest of my FL pics. After I got home from FL we had our friends Sarah and Joel visit and then my grandma passed away. Before you knew it Sept had come and gone. Then Oct came and went too! Stay too more to come and some things to get caught up on. Spent today watching the Bears and Giants games, I love Sundays in the fall/winter!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Flordia Adventure Part 1- Friday

Friday August 31st I woke up at 2am in the morning to drive to Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee to start my journey to Florida. I got there about 3:45am and headed toward security. Well did you know security does not open until 4:15am? I did not know that either. So I went and had some yummy Quizno's for breakfast.

Finally got through security and got to the gate and waited. My flight was to be at 5:50am and we started boarding at 5:20. And we stopped boarding at 5:30 because a tire was low. Needless to say we were not going anywhere at 5:50am. Everyone got in line to change flights because we were going to Atlanta and most people had connecting flights. I did not change my flight to Tampa until they delayed the flight to 8am. I was originally on the 11am flight in Atlanta to Tampa but changed it to 12:06pm with a back up on the 2:20pm. The gave us soda and we got $6 meal tickets and our flight finally left at 8:30am. I sat next to a very nice lady originally from Louisiana and we talked the whole flight. When I got to Atlanta I had to run from terminal B to A and they were calling Final Boarding when I arrived at the gate at 11:45am. I barely made it!
Me in my seat on my way from ATL to TPA
When I got to Tampa I used my food voucher to get some Starbucks and the met my cousins Megan and Molly who were there to pick me up. We headed back to Megan's to meet up with my other cousin Caleb and Megan's daughter Gabby. We then went to Goodwill and I got a dress and a Tampa Bay Rays shirt.
Molly with the Halloween decorations
Gabby with some horns we found
 Then we dropped Gabby back home before going to Best Buy, Walmart, Chick fil a, and Target.

Yummy Chick Fil A

Funny helmets at Target
Another helmet
At Target we all got matching hats to wear to Islands of Adventure. I got a Raymond mini pillowpet that looks like this:
and randomly a Phllies Chase Utly shirt.
Megan got a GPS at Best Buy named Lola the Magellan that would cause much issues that weekend. Well that's all for Friday stay tuned for Islands of Adventure Saturday!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Phillies versus Brewers

   Sunday Justin and I headed up to Milwaukee to go to the Brewers/ Phillies game. No tale gating for us as we were both still sick with colds. We had great seats in section 433, 1st row of the section on the 3rd base side. It started to rain in the 2nd inning but they were able to close the roof and we only had a 7 minute delay. I got to see a former co worker of mine Katrina since I had not seen since my call center days. I also got to meet her fiance Chris. It was great seeing her again and reconnect. The game was great, Italian Sausage won the Sausage race. The Phillies won the game 8-0, we saw on Phillie's home run by Martinez. Chase Utly did not play nor did Ruis but we got to see Ryan Howard! I also finally got my Racing Sausage pennant.

Walking up to Miller Park
Me in my Phanatic Dongal hat with Phil
Justin and Phil
Ryan Howard
At the game
Roof is closing
Phil and the dongal hat
Justin and Phil watching the Phillies
Hey Brat!
Roof is almost closed
Run Sausages!
The winner
Loser :(
I see you Chase Ulty why are you not playing
Enjoying the Phillies winning
Love my hat but it was hot
In front of the gift shop with the Micky statue
 Mars' Cheese castle after the game for Cheese curds and sausage
 Celebrating on the Phillowpet
 Dinner- Trader Joe's prosciutto tortellini, salad, Spretcher's sodas, and left over Olive Garden bread sticks.

Happy 1st Birthday Carter Harris!

Saturday Mom and I went to celebrate a very special little boy's 1st birthday.  One year ago on August 12th his mom and I were scrapbooking in their kitchen, two days later he was born.  How time flies!

Me, Bonnie, Crystal, and Carter. Friends since 99.

Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy and his dad

Me and the birthday boy


Toy Story themed party

Me and my mama!

Carter and his mommy

Happy family with the birthday boy!

Vikings pillow pet we gave him, he seemed to love it!

Reading his birthday card

Plane my parents gave him.

He likes it!

His Toy Story cake

Smash Cake

More presents!
It was great celebrating Carter's birthday and seeing Bonnie's family. We had a great time and I am glad mom and I were able to go.