Monday, August 20, 2012

Phillies versus Brewers

   Sunday Justin and I headed up to Milwaukee to go to the Brewers/ Phillies game. No tale gating for us as we were both still sick with colds. We had great seats in section 433, 1st row of the section on the 3rd base side. It started to rain in the 2nd inning but they were able to close the roof and we only had a 7 minute delay. I got to see a former co worker of mine Katrina since I had not seen since my call center days. I also got to meet her fiance Chris. It was great seeing her again and reconnect. The game was great, Italian Sausage won the Sausage race. The Phillies won the game 8-0, we saw on Phillie's home run by Martinez. Chase Utly did not play nor did Ruis but we got to see Ryan Howard! I also finally got my Racing Sausage pennant.

Walking up to Miller Park
Me in my Phanatic Dongal hat with Phil
Justin and Phil
Ryan Howard
At the game
Roof is closing
Phil and the dongal hat
Justin and Phil watching the Phillies
Hey Brat!
Roof is almost closed
Run Sausages!
The winner
Loser :(
I see you Chase Ulty why are you not playing
Enjoying the Phillies winning
Love my hat but it was hot
In front of the gift shop with the Micky statue
 Mars' Cheese castle after the game for Cheese curds and sausage
 Celebrating on the Phillowpet
 Dinner- Trader Joe's prosciutto tortellini, salad, Spretcher's sodas, and left over Olive Garden bread sticks.

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