Monday, July 14, 2014

That Time I Spent My Birthday at the Zoo with Daycare

This year for my birthday I decided to chaperone the princess's daycare trip to the Milwaukee Zoo. We loaded up the kids in the big yellow school bus, which I probably have not been on in 20 years. It was a long trip to the zoo, almost an hour. The kids did really well. When we got there we spent almost an hour getting all the kids to the bathroom then another 45 minutes eating lunch. I helped pass out the lunches and make sure the kids had all they needed.
When all was said and done we probably spent an hour and 1/2 seeing animals. L was so excited as she had never been to a zoo before. Seeing her excitement was worth the trip! TI would ask the kids different trivia about the animals as we saw them. I think they got a huge kick out of that. It was a hot hot day so once it was time to go the kids sure were ready. A lot of them slept on the way back. Once we returned Justin picked us up at Daycare and we went to Culver's for my birthday. It was not a typical birthday for me, but it was a wonderful one! Here are some of the animals we saw: