Saturday, July 28, 2012

About Fais Giveaway

Cool giveaway over at a blog I follow:

a Life Planner from

Looks pretty cool, I like the collage one. 

Happy Olympics Everyone

Let the Olympic games begin!

Finally the 4 year wait is over and it is summer Olympic time again! I can't wait, DVR is set and ready to go.  Last night the opening ceremonies were pretty awesome as expected. So excited to see the parade of countries (even though our outfits were pretty bad).  Not as bad as Sweden who thought that wearing their interpretation of Where' Waldo would work (it was pretty bad).

I loved seeing all the children's book characters come to life, especially the 100 foot Voldemort.
 Seriously was anyone expecting that? How awesome! Too bad he was destroyed by Mary Poppins (who I despise :) ). I also loved how they had Mohamed Ali touch the Olympic flag before it was raised. Of course seeing Beckham drive the boat in with the Olympic touch was awesome!
Another great feature was the music. I mean Muse, Pink Floyd, and Beatles all playing in the background just to name a few.  Then at the end Sr. Paul McCarthy singing Hey Jude.

Well done on the opening games London, well done!  So excited to start the Olympics off with some swim and Michael Phelps today! 

Let the games begin! And may the odds be ever in the USA's favor. ;)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vacation Day 5- Madison in Pictures

Vacation Day 5- Madison in Pictures
 Our room Madison Lakes

 Parking area
Badger store in the mall, I love the badger
 Phil is loco for Taco Bell

 Milio's sandwiches, these were SO good!
 Mine was Mediterranean, Justin had roast beef.
 Happy the B&B dog
 Justin at breakfast
 Pancakes for breakfast
 Speckled Hen Inn Bed and Breakfast

 Steam shower, this was awesome!
 Heading out to Half Price Books
 Cat statue, I missed the boys.  They had some little cats on the property
 Someone enjoys relaxing!
We had such a wonderful vacation and was sad it was over.  We were happy to come home and see the boys but wish we could have had a few more days off.  I highly recommend the Best Western Plus in Bloomington and the Speckled Hen Inn in Madison!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Upcoming Adventures

Travel Time!

I am excited to say I have two fun filled trips booked for end of August and mid October.  End of August I am going to sunny Tampa, FL to visit my family-
 Cousin Megan
Cousin Molly and not pictured- Aunty M, Uncle Charles, Caleb, Mark, and Gabby
I can't wait, I have not seen my cousins since 2010 and I am way excited.  We are going to go to Islands of Adventure, which I have not been to since 2007.  I am way excited to see the new Harry Potter section and go on the rides.
I am also hoping we can get in a beach day or go to the pool.  Only about a month to go!

October Justin and I booked a 2 bedroom condo at Glacier Canyon in Wilderness Resort at the Dells.  We have been to the Dells before to Chula Vista but never to Wilderness.  I am so excited because they have 3 indoor water parks and 2 glow in the dark, 3D mini golf courses!

Looking forward to seeing family and having fun in FL and relaxing and having fun in WI!

Week in Pictures

Lazy Tobi
Tobi is my new office assistant
Flowers from the neighbors for watching their house
Chicken pot pie I made Sunday
Oh Shocktop I now love you :)
Went to Yogurtland with Eddie for lunch last week.  It was good, I had birthday cake, red velvet, mango, cheesecake and coconut yogurt.
They have a Hello Kitty theme going on and we got Hello Kitty spoons

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

Guido and Cinderella

Tobi sink

Finally some rain!

Cucumber and blueberries from the neighbor's garden

Helping me cook

First attempt ever at stuffed shells

No bake Jello cake for our birthdays (mine June his Tuesday)

Yuck I will stick to Blue Moon, Leines, and Dos XXXs