Sunday, July 1, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend we went down to Peoria to stay with the in-laws.  Friday night we got there late and just hung out on the deck.  Saturday Justin and his dad worked on his car a bit.  His mom and I went to Panera and Kohls.  I discovered the joy of salads at Panera and the BBQ chicken salad (yum!).  I bought this shirt and a gray long sleeve shirt.
After that we headed to Sarah and Joel's for the yearly 4th of July celebration.  It was a great time catching up with so many friends we unfortunately only see once or twice a year.  We got to see Sarah's mom and neice, formally Paco Taco Joe, Adam, Mindy (the kids too), Mary and Cooper, Katy and Toby, Tate, Reggie and Kelly, Chris and Lucy, and even Jason.  
Sunday was nicer outside so I was able to spend some time in the pool reading:
So far it is a pretty good book, I only got to page 56 so far.  I also spend some time reading Catching Fire.  As I would like to get through that series this summer.  We also got to play with Justin's parent's pets Dandy the cat and Shadow the 3 legged dog.

When I got home from Peoria I saw mom had got me a tasty birthday present.  A gift box of Utz pretzels, yum yum!!  I think she thought the theme was Where the Wild Things Are (I looked at the site and there is no box art) but I got this:

Phesants and Deer aside, it has awesome pretzels in it so who cares.  Next time I want the My Maryland or the Pennsylvania themed boxes.
All in all a good weekend.  Now here is a pic of Tobi with Humphry:
Cats in pants

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