Sunday, November 23, 2014

Women Rock Half Marathon Recap 9-28-2014

This year I completed my first and second half marathon with my friend Kelly. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of pictures because I thought they would have professional photographers at the race but they really did not. So no race pictures of me were captured :(.

We got up super early and headed to our parking garage on Webster. It was super easy to find and we paid we via ParkWiz so we headed right in and got a spot. The lot was a 10 minute walk to the start line, which was not bad at all. We skipped by the first line of porto potties to find the second group with a shorter line. The line to verify 21 and older was WAY long so I figured I'll get my wristband at the end.

We headed to the start line, which kind stunk because there was no corrals. So we guessed where we should stand and got in a spot. Once the race took off we headed out towards the tunnel under lakeshore drive up to the lake front path.

There were some pros and a lot of cons to this race. I some how managed to PR given the circumstance and was extremely happy. Kelly had a harder time and finished about 15 min after me. We met up, had some chocolate milk, drank Champaign (yuck), and had to use the phones GPS to find the car. We then took the long journey back home. Next year I think I will do the 10k because you still get the necklace, jacket, and can buy the medal.


Nice stained glass medal... for purchase
Nice necklace, I wear mine a lot
Nice jacket

Only 4 water stations for 13 miles, it was hot and I am glad I brought my own water.
You share the path with people training for the marathon, bikers, dog walkers, rollerblades...etc
Low race support
Rough terrain
High cost

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Swiss Miss

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Famous Racing Sausage 5k


Well it seems I missed quite a few recaps. One of the races I try and do every year is the Famous Racing Sausage 5k put on by the Brewers at Miller Park. I love this race because it is well organized, the racing sausages are there, and you get to run on the baseball field. So many perks! This year we had enough people on our team Tour De Sausage to get our names on the back of the shirt. I was the only one not to wear the shirt because it is was so hot outside!
I met up with John, Tracy, and the rest of our team so we could head to the start line. I really wanted to beat my time last year, oh and John also. He beat me last year and I was bitter :). It was warm again this year but not as bad as last year. My other goal was to beat Chorizo. I did manage to pass Hot Dog on the course and give him a little wave as I ran by. I also love, as usual, running through the stadium!
I finished in 34:21, not my best 5k but one of my fastest, oh and I beat John but not Chorizo. I did beat hot dog! No medal at this race, but it is worth it to run with the sausages and through the stadium.
After the race I headed home to wash up and then the three of us met everyone for tailgating and the Brewers/ Mets game.
John tailgating

Todd tailgating

Beautiful night for a game

Run sausages run!

Chorizo wins!

Dirty Girl Mud Run Recap

Well I totally forgot to post my recap of the Dirty Girl Mud Run I did back in June. June 28th my friend Irene and I completed the muddy obstacle run for the second year in a row at the Lake County Fair Grounds. I will just start this by saying this will be my last mud run. After running a half marathon I decided I would rather punish myself with 13.1 miles then mud.
The weather was warmer this year than last, which was nice. We got there early and was in the 9:15am wave. We ran some but walked a lot as the terrain is very uneven. Most of the course was full of other mud and dirt. This year they had a different organizer which had it's plus and minuses.
Free images (and good ones none the less)
New obstacles
More vendors and freebies
Free beer, and good beer too Summer Shandy
1 water station- a bit lacking for a mud run
Longer lines at the obstacles
You had to shower outside this year instead of in the tent, we skipped the shower
We had a good time none the less chatting and doing the course. We skipped some of the obstacles where you had to crawl low or climb into water or mud.
Here goes nothing!

Irene and I going down the slide
My goal of no mud on the face...FAIL
Like I said I won't be returning next year but I still recommend this race to anyone looking for a muddy good time. It was organized well, not as good as 2013 but still good.
Love this picture!
Got to get Irene's number in the pic

We did it!


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Brewers 10k Recap- 2014

Saturday I ran the Brewers 10k for the second year in a row and I all have to say is I will be back next year. What can I say, I love this race!
#1 It's put on by a baseball team
#2 You getting to run on a warning track
#3 Awesome medal
#4 Very well organized!
I drove up to Miller Park on Friday to get my race packet and then went outlet shopping for a bit.  Saturday I had to get up really early for this one, 4:35am yikes! I drove up to the ballpark and hit a little traffic getting into the lot. The roads around were only open until 6:30am so a lot of people were rushing to get in. This year they did something smart and had the 10k start 15 min before the Half Marathon. I think this elevated a lot of congestion at the start and on the course. I was in corral C and quickly got in place by 6:50am.
Starting line selfie

In the corral
Race started promptly at 7am and I crossed the start at 7:01. I was very worried about this race because I had some knee pain all week and some shin pain. I started moving along at a 10 something pace with no pain. Good thing about this race is I knew the course so I knew the hills and where they were. I ran the first mile and 1/2 as I knew the first overpass was right after that. I chugged up with a good run/walk charge. After that it was all downhill into the Miller Brewery. Smells of hops filled the air as we ran through and on to the next huge overpass hill. After that there was one more huge one before it was down hill to the stadium. Once in the stadium it is pretty awesome, you run around the warning track and you are on the jumbo tron. Only down fall is the roof was closed so no GPS. Once you go through the stadium there is only .10 mile left, up the last little hill to the finish. Official time was 1:11:34, with baring recent injuries, I was pretty happy. Especially since I know now I can do my half marathon next week.
Post race selfie

Blurry medal selfie

Love the medal

With it's brother medal in the background


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Peoria Firecracker 5000 Recap

We took our typical trip down to Peoria for the 4th of July this year. I asked my good friend Katy if there were any races on the 4th or that weekend. She mentioned I should try the Firecracker 5000 on the riverfront. We headed down the night of the 3rd so I could get up early and do the 5k. I was able to sign up the day before and get my packet that morning.

First one up, heading out to the race.
I got to the race about 40 min before so I could get my packet and find Katy. The race was very well organized and was about 1,000 participants in size. After I found Katy, we took a quick picture before heading to the start.

Love this pic!

Starting line selfie
 We got to the starting line and after the National Anthem, hit the ground running. Katy is much faster than me so I only stayed with her for about .10 miles. I realized right away I was going way fast. In fact my first mile was my fastest ever, 9:53! I never knew a sub 10 mm was possible for me! The rest of the race went pretty normal. I did not carry water so I needed to rely on the water stops. I also felt like I was going to puke at the end, but had my fastest 5k at 33:12! I was so happy!
Afterward we got the traditional post race beer and then I headed to find the nearest Dunkin Donuts for a post race treat. I liked the race a lot, it was reasonable priced and well organized. I will do this one again next year if given t
he chance.

Biggest Loser 10k Race Recap

I'm back from my blogging break, well hopefully. Days just always seem to go by so fast! August 24th I ran my 2nd official 10k, the Biggest Loser Six Flags 10k. Packet pickup was small the day before at Sport Authority. I got a nice shirt and a draw string bag.
I arrived at the park around 6:30 as the race began at 7am at Six Flags Great America. I met 2 ladies from my Mom's Run This Town group Michelle and Julie once I got to the park.
I was surprised how few registrants they had for the race. I think they said only 500 or so, small for a national run. My friend from work Heather was also doing the race with her sisters.
The 10k had a disadvantage as it was just the 5k route run 2 times. Also only about 2 miles of the 10k were through the actual park. I was also surprised how few water stations there were and race support. Below are my pros and cons of the race:
Smaller race and easy to spot friends
Nice medal, it spins!
Nice shirt
No porta potties, had to use the one bathroom in the park that was open
Few water stations for such a hot day
Most of the race not in the park but in the parking lot
I got lost, route was not marked so well in places
No one cheering on course
I finished in 1:14:00 note I ran 6.4 not 6.2 and it was humid as can be.
 So I am sure I would be around 1:13 for 6.2. Would I run this race again, probably not but I would run another Biggest Loser one.




Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pure Leaf Review

Yes I know it is not the best picture, but this tea is really good!! I received my @PureLeaf tea in my latest Influenster Vox Box. For the #LoveofLeaves this tea has a bold flavor with just the right amount of sweetness. I drink a lot of tea and have had a lot of varieties. Some tea has a very sweet, way too sugary taste, but not this tea! It is just the right amount of sweetness and tea to quench your thirst! I love Pure Leaf already and will be buying it again. To find out more, visit their site. I received this product free from Influenster in photos and reviews.#contest

Monday, July 14, 2014

That Time I Spent My Birthday at the Zoo with Daycare

This year for my birthday I decided to chaperone the princess's daycare trip to the Milwaukee Zoo. We loaded up the kids in the big yellow school bus, which I probably have not been on in 20 years. It was a long trip to the zoo, almost an hour. The kids did really well. When we got there we spent almost an hour getting all the kids to the bathroom then another 45 minutes eating lunch. I helped pass out the lunches and make sure the kids had all they needed.
When all was said and done we probably spent an hour and 1/2 seeing animals. L was so excited as she had never been to a zoo before. Seeing her excitement was worth the trip! TI would ask the kids different trivia about the animals as we saw them. I think they got a huge kick out of that. It was a hot hot day so once it was time to go the kids sure were ready. A lot of them slept on the way back. Once we returned Justin picked us up at Daycare and we went to Culver's for my birthday. It was not a typical birthday for me, but it was a wonderful one! Here are some of the animals we saw: