Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dirty Girl Mud Run Recap

Well I totally forgot to post my recap of the Dirty Girl Mud Run I did back in June. June 28th my friend Irene and I completed the muddy obstacle run for the second year in a row at the Lake County Fair Grounds. I will just start this by saying this will be my last mud run. After running a half marathon I decided I would rather punish myself with 13.1 miles then mud.
The weather was warmer this year than last, which was nice. We got there early and was in the 9:15am wave. We ran some but walked a lot as the terrain is very uneven. Most of the course was full of other mud and dirt. This year they had a different organizer which had it's plus and minuses.
Free images (and good ones none the less)
New obstacles
More vendors and freebies
Free beer, and good beer too Summer Shandy
1 water station- a bit lacking for a mud run
Longer lines at the obstacles
You had to shower outside this year instead of in the tent, we skipped the shower
We had a good time none the less chatting and doing the course. We skipped some of the obstacles where you had to crawl low or climb into water or mud.
Here goes nothing!

Irene and I going down the slide
My goal of no mud on the face...FAIL
Like I said I won't be returning next year but I still recommend this race to anyone looking for a muddy good time. It was organized well, not as good as 2013 but still good.
Love this picture!
Got to get Irene's number in the pic

We did it!


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