Sunday, September 21, 2014

Brewers 10k Recap- 2014

Saturday I ran the Brewers 10k for the second year in a row and I all have to say is I will be back next year. What can I say, I love this race!
#1 It's put on by a baseball team
#2 You getting to run on a warning track
#3 Awesome medal
#4 Very well organized!
I drove up to Miller Park on Friday to get my race packet and then went outlet shopping for a bit.  Saturday I had to get up really early for this one, 4:35am yikes! I drove up to the ballpark and hit a little traffic getting into the lot. The roads around were only open until 6:30am so a lot of people were rushing to get in. This year they did something smart and had the 10k start 15 min before the Half Marathon. I think this elevated a lot of congestion at the start and on the course. I was in corral C and quickly got in place by 6:50am.
Starting line selfie

In the corral
Race started promptly at 7am and I crossed the start at 7:01. I was very worried about this race because I had some knee pain all week and some shin pain. I started moving along at a 10 something pace with no pain. Good thing about this race is I knew the course so I knew the hills and where they were. I ran the first mile and 1/2 as I knew the first overpass was right after that. I chugged up with a good run/walk charge. After that it was all downhill into the Miller Brewery. Smells of hops filled the air as we ran through and on to the next huge overpass hill. After that there was one more huge one before it was down hill to the stadium. Once in the stadium it is pretty awesome, you run around the warning track and you are on the jumbo tron. Only down fall is the roof was closed so no GPS. Once you go through the stadium there is only .10 mile left, up the last little hill to the finish. Official time was 1:11:34, with baring recent injuries, I was pretty happy. Especially since I know now I can do my half marathon next week.
Post race selfie

Blurry medal selfie

Love the medal

With it's brother medal in the background


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