Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Biggest Loser 10k Race Recap

I'm back from my blogging break, well hopefully. Days just always seem to go by so fast! August 24th I ran my 2nd official 10k, the Biggest Loser Six Flags 10k. Packet pickup was small the day before at Sport Authority. I got a nice shirt and a draw string bag.
I arrived at the park around 6:30 as the race began at 7am at Six Flags Great America. I met 2 ladies from my Mom's Run This Town group Michelle and Julie once I got to the park.
I was surprised how few registrants they had for the race. I think they said only 500 or so, small for a national run. My friend from work Heather was also doing the race with her sisters.
The 10k had a disadvantage as it was just the 5k route run 2 times. Also only about 2 miles of the 10k were through the actual park. I was also surprised how few water stations there were and race support. Below are my pros and cons of the race:
Smaller race and easy to spot friends
Nice medal, it spins!
Nice shirt
No porta potties, had to use the one bathroom in the park that was open
Few water stations for such a hot day
Most of the race not in the park but in the parking lot
I got lost, route was not marked so well in places
No one cheering on course
I finished in 1:14:00 note I ran 6.4 not 6.2 and it was humid as can be.
 So I am sure I would be around 1:13 for 6.2. Would I run this race again, probably not but I would run another Biggest Loser one.




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