Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up- Run, Play, Shop

So this weekend was a quick one but a good one. I took a little time Friday during lunch to get in a quick 2 miles. Probably could have done 3 but I was getting hot. Went by Goodwill after work and got a nice White House Black Market dress and some new Under Armor running shorts, still had the tags.
Here is the dress, I thought it was super cute for an event or work.
Afterwards I picked up the child and we had a quick snack then headed to our favorite place, the park. Boy was it crowded and I totally felt if I played on the equipment I would be judged by the other parks, so I boringly stood and watched.
This is only 1/4th of the awesome playground! I love this place as much as she does. Then we headed to Macy's where I got two nice shirts. I went on a hunt for some Sperry Top Siders and ended up empty handed.
 Saturday I got up and ran the Lindenhurst Earth Day 5k, it was a free run through McDonald Woods trails. I finished in 37 min, which was not bad since a lot of it was through wood chip paths and up hill. When I got home I showered quick, then pack to our favorite park we went. Thank goodness it was not crowded, and there were parents on the play equipment! We spent about an hour and 1/2 there and it was so fun!
I love when two slides are together so we can race!

Spinning seats are the best!

This thing is crazy, like a log roller
Afterwards the hunt for Sperry's continued, I managed to find some sandals on clearance at DSW for $30.
They will be great for summer and Mexico next year. I still want some boat shoes. We headed home after more errands, she was so tired it spiraled down from there.
Sunday we went to the mall to get Justin some shoes and sun glasses. I managed to find the Sheamus/ Ultimate Warrior set and was so happy. With the passing of Warrior I have wanted this set! We got some yogurt at Red Mango, which was excellent. When we got home she played with the wrestling buddies, I think John Cena was wearing a Christmas hat and it sounds like the stuffed bunny and monkey were cuddling on the floor. I made some tasty chicken for dinner and spent time napping a bit. All in all a nice weekend. Hope to actually clean the garage next week.
How was your weekend?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bike- Check, Helmet- Check, Kid- Check... Now What?

So as some of you know, we got the princess a bike this weekend. It was a late birthday present for her, thanks Chiberia. We headed to Toys R Us Sat at a failed attempt to get a used bike at a town sale. Sorry but $50 for a used kids bike with no training wheels, not when I can get a new one for $70. So after lunch we headed out to Toys R Us, I had a 20% off coupon.
Once we got there I realized many other people were also taking advantage of this 50 degree weather and also buying their kid a bike. This gave me enough time to research the bikes they had while waiting, I.e. scan the wall quick enough to find the cheapest 18 inch bike. Of course she wanted the Monster High one or Hello Kitty but I was not pay $30-$40 more dollars for a bike with a character on it. I found the one we ended up getting, $75 and felt it was a good price.
I had the guy get it down and then had her sit on it. The I sat on it, yup it seemed sturdy and it's a bike we'll take it. I wanted them to assemble it and he said we can just take that one, good deal to me. So we paid and wheeled the bike out to the car. Now for challenge #1, getting the bike into the Fiesta. Well after some shifting of the seats, much quiet from the peanut gallery, and a lot of shifting and shoving I got it in. This was not going to be a repeat of the Christmas tree incident (another story for another day).
We headed out to the forest preserve to test out the bike. I decided I would run while she biked. Challenge #2: Well I'll tell you this, I have no idea how to teach someone to ride a bike. I mean come on it had been almost 2 decades since I last rode a street bike myself. Thankfully she kinda figured it out and the training wheels helped. I had her rock the bike to get it going on a hill and peddle fast. We actually ended up going 3.5 miles! I was shocked she lasted that long. I spent the whole time shouting "Look forward", "Stay on the right", "Watch out for people!" We finally made it back with only a few falls, but no serious injuries. I took her back out Tue and Wed. Tuesday I was not so lucky to walk away injury free. One of my rules "Watch out for people, aka me" was not followed and some how she miss turned and the bike collided with my knuckles. We learned from that one, even thought it was an accident, it was preventable.
So for now we will keep running and biking in the safety of the forest preserve. Any tips for transitioning from training wheels to 2 wheels?

What I'm Love Wednesday

This weather! After surviving a winter in Chiberia, I welcome 50 and 60 degree temperatures with open arms! Blue skies = bike rides and running after work.

Easter is upon us. I excited to take the princess to a few egg hunts and to dye eggs. I have only dyed eggs a few times so I am looking forward to reliving this childhood tradition. We picked up the deluxe decorating kit so we can do a variety of decorating.

Goodwill. I would have to say Goodwill and consignment sales have been such a blessing the last few months. I have been able to get the princess such a cute and comfortable wardrobe at a fraction of the price. This includes many Gap Kids, Lilly Pulitzer, Hannah Anderson, Carters, Justice, and more items at roughly $3-$4 an item. Love being able to spoil her with fun clothes without breaking the bank. Here are just some of my summer favorites:
Hannah Anderson Pillowcase Dress

Mckids Dress- Possible Easter dress

Lilly Pulitzer Fish dress

Lilly Pulitzer Sea Dress

Lilly Pulitzer Pineapple dress
Running- I have been lazy the last few months with running, particularly due to the cold weather. Sure we have a gym membership and I do the treadmill, but that can be so boring. So far I have been able to hit the trails running Sat and Tuesday and love it! Also having positive experience with the Brooks Ravenna 5s.

Oscar Meyer P3 snack packs. Have you tried these yet? I love them! They are a great protein pick me up! Each one includes meat, cheese, and a nut. My favorite is the ham, jack cheese, and almonds. Sometimes I am not super hungry for lunch and these give me an instant energy boost and fill me up if I have it with a yogurt. You can find them in the deli meat aisle near the other Lunchables.
What are you loving this week?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Running in 2014- Starting to Stack the Calendar

So I think I have some of my races planned for this year. Some I have committed too, some not yet. I figured I'd share incase anyone wants to join me.
Hoping to step it up a bit from last year!

Weekend Wrap Up- Bikes, running, wrestling

This weekend I wish I could have pulled a Tobi and just did this. But instead I went out and broke these in:
I went over to Dick's to check out the new Brooks Ravenna 5s on Thursday. I heard they were out and wanted to take a look. My current running shoes are over a year old and probably will not make it through running season this year. Well looking turned into buying when I saw they had one pair of 7.5s left.
Friday I went to the gym to try them out. Wow they are super comfortable and are much lighter than the 4s. I love my 4s and will not be parting with them soon, but I feel like I am falling in love with the 5s fast. Can't wait to run happy in these bad boys.
After the gym I got two cute shirts at Kohls for the spring:
SONOMA life + style Printed Roll-Tab Shirt - Women's Plus
This one has birds
This one has wienner dogs.
Can't wait to wear them. I also got some goodies for the princess at Goodwill. Saturday was a big day as I took her to Toys R Us to get her a bike. Nice thing about it is they already have them put together and within 15 minutes we were in and out with a 18 inch bike complete with training wheels. I am so proud of myself that I was able to get it in the trunk of the Fiesta.
We headed off to the Savanna to try out the bike and the Ravenna 5s. I ran along while she road her bike. It was gorgious outside and tons of people were out and about. Before we knew it we had walk/ran/rode 1.75 miles. We turned around headed back to the car. 3.5 miles total in an hour, not bad for her first bike ride.
Don't mind the blur, it's for privacy reasons.
Afterwards we enjoyed a tasty dinner at our newly remodled Culver's.

Today we did not do much. I worked on some computer stuff and did stuff around the house. Right now I am enjoying this:
Go Daniel Bryan!
How was your weekend?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Family Time Saturday

Saturday before I headed to New York, I made sure to spend some time with the Princess for the day. We headed to Hawthorne Mall in Vernon Hills to get her haircut at Kid Snips. Boy was I impressed with this place. They had movies for the kids to watch while they cut her hair, she got to watch Frozen. They gave me hair advice and styled her hair also. For older kids they had Wii games, all this for only $18.
They did her hair like Elsa
After getting her haircut, we wandered around the mall. We played a bit in the play area and walked through some stores. She got a toy from the hair place and a balloon. Unfortunately I am freaked by balloons popping so it could not come home. Next I took her to her first lunch at Chic Fil A and she played in the play place for a bit.
That night we got Jimanos pizza and watched Scooby Doo and the WrestleMania Mystery. It was so cute and we all enjoyed it!

We tucked her in bed before I finished packing and played with the cats for a bit.
Cat Pile!

Sweet Tobi

Guido sleeping on Brat
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

31 Hours in NYC

This weekend was an interesting but fun one, I traveled to NYC for business. Sunday I got up at 5:30am and headed to O'Hare to fly out to New York City. My co worker and I had a client meeting all day Monday and wanted to get to the city in enough time so we could prep and not be tired. The flight was choppy but we made it safe. I spent the whole flight watching The Heat, it was a good movie.
We landed in LaGuardia about 12:30pm and took at cab over to our hotel in Time Square. We checked in and thankfully our room was ready right away. We stayed at the Millennium Broadway on 44th and Broadway, I highly recommend this hotel. Lloyd was my desk guy who checked me in and he was great!
Out Lobby
Outside my co workers room
Outside my room
My Room
After we got settled we headed out to sight see a bit and get lunch. We headed to Toys R Us for a quick walk around, I love this store and it was two doors down from the hotel!
Ferris wheel in Toys R Us
Afterwards we set out to find lunch and found a great salad place called Chop'T. It was similar to Just Salad but a little different. I had a Santa Fe salad and it was excellent!
At Chop'T

Santa Fe Salad

After a tasty lunch at Chop'T we headed up to Herald Square to see what was new at Macy's. It was the Macy's flower show so we saw some very nice flower displays.
Flower dress, this blocked the entire door

Flower goldfish display in the kids department
We bough nothing at Macy's and headed back in the rain to Time Square to check out the new Disney Store. I wanted to get the princess a shirt and something for Justin. The new Disney store is so nice, only downfall is the up escalator was broke so we had to walk straight up. The escalators are lined with lights like the lanterns in Rapunzel. They also had Frozen playing and lots of exclusive stuff. Have no fear, they are open until 1am daily.
New Disney Store

Rapunzel Lanterns

Justin's new Bantha
We headed back to the rooms to get cleaned up. I headed back to Toys R Us to wander around for a bit longer. I wanted more steps and to look at toys. I got the Princess a site words game and just hung out.

New Wizard of Oz dolls
Then I headed to my room to wait for Andrea to come visit so we could go to dinner with Trey and my Co Worker. We went to Heartland HB Burgers in Time Square on 43rd, literally through a parking garage from our hotel. I had not seen Andrea in 2 years and Trey in about 8. Trey was my neighbor in Memphis and he now lives in Brooklyn. Andrea was my neighbor in Brooklyn.

My co worker Hilary and I

Onion straws

My first Bison Burger, pretty good not pink enough

Andrea, Me, and Trey
After dinner we went for a walk to burn off some of the food we just ate. We headed up Time Square to have some coffee, I had a Mango Peach smoothie.
Time Square selfie

Treyman and me

Awesome lights in the coffee shop

Hilary and Trey

Coffee shop selfie
We parted ways and I headed back to the hotel to get ready for our meeting tomorrow. Good night Times Square, I will sleep but you will not.

We checked out and headed to our meeting, it was long but very productive. The Garrett's popcorn I bought for our client was a huge success. We checked out Grand Central station, which was attached to the building our meeting was in, then got a cab to the airport.
Grand Central selfie!

Our cab driver was the worst and we both felt nauseous during the cab ride. Seriously I don't think the BQE and Grand Central were intended to be driven at 70 miles an hour. We got to LaGuardia early and enjoyed a dinner of Auntie Annie's pretzels, I got the mini winnies. Our flight left a little late at 7:15pm and was also pretty rough turbulence on the way home. I watched Identity Theft which was also very good. I had a great visit to NYC in a short time period!