Tuesday, April 1, 2014

31 Hours in NYC

This weekend was an interesting but fun one, I traveled to NYC for business. Sunday I got up at 5:30am and headed to O'Hare to fly out to New York City. My co worker and I had a client meeting all day Monday and wanted to get to the city in enough time so we could prep and not be tired. The flight was choppy but we made it safe. I spent the whole flight watching The Heat, it was a good movie.
We landed in LaGuardia about 12:30pm and took at cab over to our hotel in Time Square. We checked in and thankfully our room was ready right away. We stayed at the Millennium Broadway on 44th and Broadway, I highly recommend this hotel. Lloyd was my desk guy who checked me in and he was great!
Out Lobby
Outside my co workers room
Outside my room
My Room
After we got settled we headed out to sight see a bit and get lunch. We headed to Toys R Us for a quick walk around, I love this store and it was two doors down from the hotel!
Ferris wheel in Toys R Us
Afterwards we set out to find lunch and found a great salad place called Chop'T. It was similar to Just Salad but a little different. I had a Santa Fe salad and it was excellent!
At Chop'T

Santa Fe Salad

After a tasty lunch at Chop'T we headed up to Herald Square to see what was new at Macy's. It was the Macy's flower show so we saw some very nice flower displays.
Flower dress, this blocked the entire door

Flower goldfish display in the kids department
We bough nothing at Macy's and headed back in the rain to Time Square to check out the new Disney Store. I wanted to get the princess a shirt and something for Justin. The new Disney store is so nice, only downfall is the up escalator was broke so we had to walk straight up. The escalators are lined with lights like the lanterns in Rapunzel. They also had Frozen playing and lots of exclusive stuff. Have no fear, they are open until 1am daily.
New Disney Store

Rapunzel Lanterns

Justin's new Bantha
We headed back to the rooms to get cleaned up. I headed back to Toys R Us to wander around for a bit longer. I wanted more steps and to look at toys. I got the Princess a site words game and just hung out.

New Wizard of Oz dolls
Then I headed to my room to wait for Andrea to come visit so we could go to dinner with Trey and my Co Worker. We went to Heartland HB Burgers in Time Square on 43rd, literally through a parking garage from our hotel. I had not seen Andrea in 2 years and Trey in about 8. Trey was my neighbor in Memphis and he now lives in Brooklyn. Andrea was my neighbor in Brooklyn.

My co worker Hilary and I

Onion straws

My first Bison Burger, pretty good not pink enough

Andrea, Me, and Trey
After dinner we went for a walk to burn off some of the food we just ate. We headed up Time Square to have some coffee, I had a Mango Peach smoothie.
Time Square selfie

Treyman and me

Awesome lights in the coffee shop

Hilary and Trey

Coffee shop selfie
We parted ways and I headed back to the hotel to get ready for our meeting tomorrow. Good night Times Square, I will sleep but you will not.

We checked out and headed to our meeting, it was long but very productive. The Garrett's popcorn I bought for our client was a huge success. We checked out Grand Central station, which was attached to the building our meeting was in, then got a cab to the airport.
Grand Central selfie!

Our cab driver was the worst and we both felt nauseous during the cab ride. Seriously I don't think the BQE and Grand Central were intended to be driven at 70 miles an hour. We got to LaGuardia early and enjoyed a dinner of Auntie Annie's pretzels, I got the mini winnies. Our flight left a little late at 7:15pm and was also pretty rough turbulence on the way home. I watched Identity Theft which was also very good. I had a great visit to NYC in a short time period!


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