Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up- Bikes, running, wrestling

This weekend I wish I could have pulled a Tobi and just did this. But instead I went out and broke these in:
I went over to Dick's to check out the new Brooks Ravenna 5s on Thursday. I heard they were out and wanted to take a look. My current running shoes are over a year old and probably will not make it through running season this year. Well looking turned into buying when I saw they had one pair of 7.5s left.
Friday I went to the gym to try them out. Wow they are super comfortable and are much lighter than the 4s. I love my 4s and will not be parting with them soon, but I feel like I am falling in love with the 5s fast. Can't wait to run happy in these bad boys.
After the gym I got two cute shirts at Kohls for the spring:
SONOMA life + style Printed Roll-Tab Shirt - Women's Plus
This one has birds
This one has wienner dogs.
Can't wait to wear them. I also got some goodies for the princess at Goodwill. Saturday was a big day as I took her to Toys R Us to get her a bike. Nice thing about it is they already have them put together and within 15 minutes we were in and out with a 18 inch bike complete with training wheels. I am so proud of myself that I was able to get it in the trunk of the Fiesta.
We headed off to the Savanna to try out the bike and the Ravenna 5s. I ran along while she road her bike. It was gorgious outside and tons of people were out and about. Before we knew it we had walk/ran/rode 1.75 miles. We turned around headed back to the car. 3.5 miles total in an hour, not bad for her first bike ride.
Don't mind the blur, it's for privacy reasons.
Afterwards we enjoyed a tasty dinner at our newly remodled Culver's.

Today we did not do much. I worked on some computer stuff and did stuff around the house. Right now I am enjoying this:
Go Daniel Bryan!
How was your weekend?

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