Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up- Run, Play, Shop

So this weekend was a quick one but a good one. I took a little time Friday during lunch to get in a quick 2 miles. Probably could have done 3 but I was getting hot. Went by Goodwill after work and got a nice White House Black Market dress and some new Under Armor running shorts, still had the tags.
Here is the dress, I thought it was super cute for an event or work.
Afterwards I picked up the child and we had a quick snack then headed to our favorite place, the park. Boy was it crowded and I totally felt if I played on the equipment I would be judged by the other parks, so I boringly stood and watched.
This is only 1/4th of the awesome playground! I love this place as much as she does. Then we headed to Macy's where I got two nice shirts. I went on a hunt for some Sperry Top Siders and ended up empty handed.
 Saturday I got up and ran the Lindenhurst Earth Day 5k, it was a free run through McDonald Woods trails. I finished in 37 min, which was not bad since a lot of it was through wood chip paths and up hill. When I got home I showered quick, then pack to our favorite park we went. Thank goodness it was not crowded, and there were parents on the play equipment! We spent about an hour and 1/2 there and it was so fun!
I love when two slides are together so we can race!

Spinning seats are the best!

This thing is crazy, like a log roller
Afterwards the hunt for Sperry's continued, I managed to find some sandals on clearance at DSW for $30.
They will be great for summer and Mexico next year. I still want some boat shoes. We headed home after more errands, she was so tired it spiraled down from there.
Sunday we went to the mall to get Justin some shoes and sun glasses. I managed to find the Sheamus/ Ultimate Warrior set and was so happy. With the passing of Warrior I have wanted this set! We got some yogurt at Red Mango, which was excellent. When we got home she played with the wrestling buddies, I think John Cena was wearing a Christmas hat and it sounds like the stuffed bunny and monkey were cuddling on the floor. I made some tasty chicken for dinner and spent time napping a bit. All in all a nice weekend. Hope to actually clean the garage next week.
How was your weekend?

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