Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Running Forward- Summer Running Goals

Keeping up the momentum
So with my first official 5K behind me, I have to keep up the momentum and keep running. Next up is the Dirty Girl Mud run at the end of June. This will require weight training as well so I can get up and over the hurdles.
Yesterday I ran on the treadmill for the first time since Saturday. The knee pain returned in my left knee. It is weird, it is like a soreness more than a stabbing pain and is kinda to the side of my knee. Like it is joint or ligament pain. Whatever it is, it is annoying! I know a lot of the ladies whose blogs I read have been plagued with injuries and I know I can power through.

Even with the knee pain I managed to get through 5 miles on the treadmill, the longest I have gone in awhile. I have found the Nike + app to be a huge motivator when running indoors and out. Who does not love getting little achievements and want to run further/faster to see this:
After Dirty Girl I am hoping to do another 5k or even an 8k or 10k. I want to see how far I can go.
What are your fitness goals for the summer?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer Bucket List 2013

With summer right around the corner, I am sure we have lots we want to do. I picked up this cute summer bucket list from The Good Life and made it my own with all the things I want to do this summer.
What do you want to do this summer? Anything fun and new on your list?

Weekly Workout Recap!

Lots of good days worth of working out in this week. Looking forward to keeping the momentum up!
Monday May 20th- Ran at the gym for 2.65 miles. Had not intended on running as me knee hurt from the day before. Took it slow at first then cranked it up. Also lift weights for 30 minutes, training for Dirty Girl in June. 5 Activity points earned.
Tuesday May 21st- Ram at the gym for 3.76 miles, lots of training to get done before Sat. 5 Activity point earned.
Wednesday May 22nd- After running 2 days in a row I wanted to take it easy today. We walked 1.3 miles around the neighborhood. 1 Activity point earned.
Thursday May 23rd- Was scheduled to go out to eat today but plans fell through. Walked at wok a mile then another mile at home. 2 Activity points earned.
Friday May 24rd- Day of rest. Headed to Racine to pick up race packed, then we walked through the mall.
Saturday May 25th- The Color Run, you can read my recap here. Ran 3.12 miles in 36:50, good time for only a small bit of walking, mainly through the color tunnels. Hilly course but very fun!
Sunday May 26th- Rested, went to my parents to relax and enjoy the day.
How did you work out this week?

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Color Run 5K Racine Recap- It was pretty happy (as advertised)!!

Today my friend Kelly and I participated for the first time in the Color Run 5k (known as the Happiest 5k ont the planet) up in Racine, WI. This is my first official 5k, so I was way excited! The weather was going to be a lot colder than it had been recently (it was about 50 degrees or so) so I could not longer wear the cute tank top I wanted to. I went over to Goodwill yesterday and picked up a men's xl long sleeve workout shirt for 3.99 and shnazed it up.
I did not know if I was going to get hot after the run, so I cut off the sleeves and reattached them with cool multicolored ribbon. This way I could pull the ribbon and rip off the sleeves if I got hot. I also cut up the sides and resewed them with the ribbon again to sinch it in.
I also picked up this white hoodie at Goodwill for 4.99 just in case it was uber cold, hey the race is on Lake Michigan and anyone in IL and WI knows how unpredictable it could be as far as temperature.
I decided to use the tips and recap format for this post, so enjoy!
To save time and hassle, pick up your race packet the day before:
We headed up to Racine after work yesterday and sat in horrendous traffic on 94. I was just in WI two weeks ago and some how missed the 4 lanes merging to 2 for 3-4 miles. Once we got to Racine the pickup was right off the highway. They had awesome Color Run signs and a good amount of parking. Total kudos to the Color Run, this pickup was organized to the T. We got our bibs, wristbands, and shirt packets (with tattoos, shirt, headband, and safety pins). Note: The shirts run a bit small. I switched from a large to a medium, it is a bit tight but still comfortable. I am not sure how they are men's. They also had the store set up and a stand selling Kringles. Kringles are a Racine thing and very much enjoyed in WI and IL. Learn more about them here.  They also had the store set up, I saw a shirt I like but I did not buy it, guess I will be buying it online now.
We got to pick our own color packet. Kelly got purple and I got teal. We ended up keeping them and not throwing them.

Color Run themed cookie and Kringle, great personalized souvenir
Day of the race, get there early to get great parking and a good spot in the corral:
I got up at 5am to get ready and head over to pick Kelly up and make our way up to Racine. Zero traffic at that time so bonus there. I wanted to get there early because there were so many parking options and some where quite a walk to the start. We got super close parking and only walked 2-3 minutes to the actual pre race area. They did a great job prepping for this race, very well organized! There were plenty of potta potties, free water, Kind bars, Coconut water, and food for purchase. They had pre race Zumba going on at the main stage which was cool. 7:45am we decided to get in the corral and line up, so glad we did as we were in wave 2. They had a guy getting the crowd excited, they were throwing freebies and beach balls- it certainly made the 20 minutes of standing around in the cold more enjoyable!
Walking from parking to the race area

They had these cute, fun signs everywhere!

In the corral, behind arch 2 meant we were wave 2
Stop and take photos and wear a bandana!
Well I started out the run good taking pictures but after the first color zone I failed until the end. 15 minutes after the first wave we were off. I am so glad we were in front because as we were finishing, they were still starting new waves! We turned the first corner and it was all up hill, argh I hope the whole run was not going to be like this. The first color was pink and it was about .5 miles in. We did not know to stay on the sides if you want color and were in the middle and pinkless after this zone.
Heading into Pink, this zone was sponsored by Victoria's Secret, awesome!
After pink it seemed like quite awhile before the next zone. They had music on the course and people everywhere cheering on the runners, it was a lot of fun. Our mentality was to keep the walking to a bare minimum. I walked a handful of times but only for 30 seconds or so. I had a bit of a side cramp but worked it out. Next up was yellow, we got way more color this time. This is where the bandana would have been key if we had pulled it over our mouth. Yellow resulted in a direct spray of cornstarch in my mouth, yup I was spitting yellow now!
Right at the half way point was water and bathroom, we grabbed water and kept on chugging along. Next up was orange, remembered the bandana and got covered in bright orange. We were feeling good, not too hot not too cold. They save blue for last. Someone got aggressive with the blue and pelted Kelly, she had it all over her hair and back of the shirt. People were so happy in the color stations, runners were rolling in the color. It was awesome running up and seeing how excited the volunteers were to spray you with color. There were even little kids getting into it!
The last .4 mile stretch we would see the end. We cautiously approached a major down hill and then sprinted the last .2 miles to the finish. We ended the race in 36:50, yes I wore my Forerunner and I am glad I did as it pushed us in the end. Plus there is no race clock at this one. We were handed water and Kind bars and went to recover.
Don't forget your post race color pictures!:
Well thankfully at the end I remembered to take pictures!
Painted selfie

Race grounds, we finished pretty early, I think we must have finished before a lot of wave 1 people

Kelly is super orange

You can't tell from the pic but I am pretty orange and yellow
Headed over to look at the souvenirs but they did not have the shirt I wanted. We got a free sample of some coconut water and then headed over by the stage. They were going to get ready to throw the color, but we wanted to just watch. I took some pretty color pictures of the color throw:


Counting down to color 3.2.1

Throw! I thought this show was awesome!

Color dust blowing in the wind

Cloud of color
Make sure you are post race prepared!:
We made our short walk back to the car to decolor. Thankfully I read on someone's post to bring baby wipes, boy did they come in handy. We used about half the package of wipes cleaning color off everywhere. It even got through my clothes so it was on my legs and arms. I had brought a change of clothes to change into and towels to sit on. I highly recommend baby wipes, a change of clothes, and towels. It made the journey home more comfortable and we got less stares at Mars Cheese Castle :).
Cloudy sky but nice view

Blue hair!

Crazy colors
Shirt after race

Bib- now I need to make a bib holder
All in all this truly was a happy race (minus the few unexpected hills). It was my first time running a 5k and running somewhere not on a treadmill, my neighborhood, or the savanna. I was way pleased with our time, especially since we paused to walk through the color stations. I will be doing this race again next year and highly recommend it if you are looking for a fun 5k alternative.
Next up is Dirty Girl Mud Run June 29th in Lake County

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kitchen Nightmare- The Update

We have a wall again and our pantry door finally closes without duct tape!
We went from this:
Ripped out floor, walls, and no pantry door. Crazy fans and dehumidifier. X-Treme Cleaning did an awesome job drying up the place. Thanks Luciano!
To this:
Shnazy Duct tape I know, rocking the original grey
To this:
Door is back in action, with side panel so no more duct tape. Drywall installed and ready for primer. Thank you Phil and Phil Jr from RPS for helping us out!

 Still rocking the concrete/ peel and stick tile floors for now

Guido approves of the work done so far. He is glad the counter is back in it's position.
Next week Luna comes to install the new Pergo floor. The color- Timber Wolf, ooo so woodsy!
After that the fridge goes back in its corner and the hunt for the replacement fridge begins.
So question, I was looking at a side by side as that is what we have. But lots of people recommend the French door models with the freeze drawer. Anyone go from one style to the other and have comments on which they like better?


Saturday- My First Offical 5K

Color Run 5K Racine, WI
I am hoping the weather stay dry Saturday and I can be apart of this crazy color madness! I am finally doing my first official 5k and what better one to choose then the Happiest 5k on the planet! I have heard so many positive stories about the color run. I just can't wait to experience it for myself. I have been training pretty hard for the race. I have already clocked 13 miles this week and feel great! My co worker and I are doing it together up in Racine, WI. Tomorrow we go pick up our race packets and I just can't wait. I have created a Color Run survival kit for Saturday:
White Shirt
Capris- it will be 50 degrees
Water belt to hold water, keys, and id
Sunglass- block the sun and the colored cornstarch
Baby wipes for after the run
Old towel for the car
Holder for my phone
Older Sneakers
Anything I might be forgetting to bring to the Happiest 5k? For those of you who have done it, any tips?

Adventure in Weightloss, an Update

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you would notice that I have been posting a lot of food pictures lately. I know they are not the most interesting pictures, but they help me remember what I made and provide others ideas for dinners. A few weeks ago I decided to give up frozen dinner for awhile. I was over doing them and eating 1-2 of them a day, it just seemed like too much sodium and processed food. So 3 weeks later and I still have not eaten them and I feel pretty good! I am down almost 3 pounds and are starting to really see improvements. I am still following Weight Watchers and working out consistently. Running has probably help a lot also, but I have also been trying to lift weights.
 I wanted to share some of the ways I have been trying to incorporate my veggies and fruit into my meals.
I just used this for the first time today and it is GREAT for cutting up fruits and not having them roll into my main meal. It is also dishwasher and microwave safe, score.
Believe it or not I got this from eating Lean Cuisines.
Next I have been trying to incorporate egg whites more and veggies. I have found awesome egg bowl recipes from Hungry Girl.
Portobello mushroom with bulgur wheat, veggies, and yogurt. Yum!

One of the Hungry Girl egg bowls, fruit, and Fruit Water

A typical breakfast, English muffin, fruit, and yogurt

More Egg Bowl!
The only frozen food I am eating lately is ice cream and Boca burgers. I have figured out how to make an excellent Boca burger salad. Also I have tried to stay really hydrated. I drink a lot of water today and have only been drinking Nuun when I work out. I find it is easy on the stomach and is really refreshing. I also will drink half a tablet of Nuun all day throughout the day.
What have you done lately to try and eat healthier??

Monday, May 20, 2013

Photo Dump From this Week- AKA Cat Pictures!!

I realized today I have not posted many cat pictures lately and I know a lot of people love seeing them. Here is a photo dump of some of my recent phone pictures. Enjoy!!
I hate this cement floor too mommy

I am pooped from looking at recipes with you

Hard worker

Love my cabana now it is summer again

Laundry helper

Thank you for buying me this shirt

Lazt day

Sweet face

Can I help you work?

Did you need something?

Hiding in the laundry