Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekly Workout Wrap Up

This week started out good, but then we got busy and did not make it to the gym again. Still a good week all in all.
Monday April 29th- Went to Tom's spinning class and enjoyed it again this week. 5 activity points earned.
Tuesday April 30th- Ran with my friend at the Rollins Savanna. I had all sorts of troubles, breathing, side pain, and chafing. I did manage to finish 3.1 in under 40 min so that was good and I was happy with that. 5 activity points earned.
Wednesday May 1st- Walked the Savanna with Bridget today, it was so nice out I did not want to be cooped up in a gym. We had a nice walk and enjoyed the weather. Also did some squats for a monthly challenge. 4 Activity points earned.
Thursday Mary 2nd- Went to the gym to lift weights for an hour. I also did some rowing during that time. Felt good and empowered lifting :). 4 Activity points earned.
Friday May 3rd- Went out with Justin's co workers.
Saturday May 4th- Cleaned the garage for about an hour.
Sunday May 5th- Went shopping, that's about it.
My plan for this week is walk Monday, run Tuesday, Latin Heat Wednesday, and run Friday.
How did you workout this week and what are your plans for next week?

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