Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our Anniversary Weekend- Day 3 Rosemount

Our anniversary weekend continued into Monday. That night we had reservations at the Hofbrauhaus Chicago in Rosemount, IL. I made reservations for us a few weeks back for 5pm so we could hear the polka band. This was again a place we had never been, it is a rather new restaurant in a new shopping center. Hofbrauhaus certainly continued the theme of beer and pretzels for the weekend.
Out side the shopping center on way to the restaurant

Sunny but a bit chilly

 Ready for German food!

 Outside the restaurant
 Hofbrauhaus Chicago
What to eat?

Love the light fixtures

Same size beer, my Hefe Weis came in a large, tall glass and Justin's Dunkle came in a stein


Pretzel app with bre cheese

Hofbrauhaus Worstplatte, we both got it

Dinner time!

Who's ready for sausage!

The band Schluchtenflitzer, from Munich

Our dessert, Black Forest Cake

Full and enjoying the music

They brew the beers there.
Even though we did not go out of town this year for our anniversary, we still had such a wonderful weekend. Today was our actual anniversary and we spent the day relaxing. I finally got to scrapbook and get pictures developed.
The past 8 years of marriage have been wonderful and I can't wait to see what the many, many years ahead have in store. 
Our wedding, May 14, 2005