Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our Anniversary Weekend- Day 2 Wheeling/Northbrook

Sunday we slept in some before relaxing some more at home. That night we headed down to Wheeling to go have dinner at Superdawg. Superdawg is a Chicago landmark, but neither one of us had been there before. There is an original one that has been there for 65 years, but this one is only 5 or so years old.
We has a coupon for our anniversary so I got a free hot dog, fries, and milk shake.

Superdawg Maurie and Flaurie, their mascots.

Justin waiting on his order

Justin's order, he got the onion chips for free with another coupon

What's in side the box you say? Why a sleeping hot dog tucked in a bed of fries. Yum!
After dinner we headed down to Northbrook to our hotel for the night, the Sybaris. We decided to stay there for an overnight get away so we could relax, below is our room. Looks like a house doesn't it! The Fiesta looks so tiny in the garage.

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