Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap!

Lots of good days worth of working out in this week. Looking forward to keeping the momentum up!
Monday May 20th- Ran at the gym for 2.65 miles. Had not intended on running as me knee hurt from the day before. Took it slow at first then cranked it up. Also lift weights for 30 minutes, training for Dirty Girl in June. 5 Activity points earned.
Tuesday May 21st- Ram at the gym for 3.76 miles, lots of training to get done before Sat. 5 Activity point earned.
Wednesday May 22nd- After running 2 days in a row I wanted to take it easy today. We walked 1.3 miles around the neighborhood. 1 Activity point earned.
Thursday May 23rd- Was scheduled to go out to eat today but plans fell through. Walked at wok a mile then another mile at home. 2 Activity points earned.
Friday May 24rd- Day of rest. Headed to Racine to pick up race packed, then we walked through the mall.
Saturday May 25th- The Color Run, you can read my recap here. Ran 3.12 miles in 36:50, good time for only a small bit of walking, mainly through the color tunnels. Hilly course but very fun!
Sunday May 26th- Rested, went to my parents to relax and enjoy the day.
How did you work out this week?

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