Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kitchen Nightmares- The Flooding

Well this past month we have had a little bit of Kitchen Nightmares ourselves. It all started a few Fridays ago when we came home from Walmart and were putting the groceries away. I noticed a mini lake forming under neither our refrigerator. Now I have never noticed water under our fridge before, so this was a surprise. After cleaning it up we noticed water was also coming up from our pergo floors as we walked and the floor was beginning to buckle. We discovered it was the line from the wall to the fridge for the water.
You can see a little buckling in this picture, but you can see the nice floor we had before. Oh how I miss the pergo floor. We got a great reference from our neighbors for someone to rip out the floor and dry under it. When he came he said it was most likely slowly dripping into our floor for quite some time.
After ripping up our pergo, we noticed this lovely gem of a floor still existed underneath our current floor. Oh boy laminate peel and stick you still are there. Talk about disgusting floor, we have this currently in the bathroom, which is not bad. But it looks horrible in the kitchen.

So Wednesday we had this little set up done, under the tent is a fan and dehumidifier. So for 4 day it sounded like a runway in the kitchen and was hotter than heck. I had to run the air-conditioned just to keep the downstairs under 80 degrees. Now, thankfully, the fans are gone and we are living with some holes in the walls and a lovely concrete and tile floor. It is not longer 80 degrees in there and silence is golden! I will admit Luciano and X-Treme Cleaning did an awesome job! I highly recommend him if ever you find your self in some kind of flooding situation or you need carpet cleaned. Stay tune to more kitchen updates for when we get our drywall repaired and our new floor from Luna. Coming soon a new fridge too.


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