Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kitchen Nightmare- The Update

We have a wall again and our pantry door finally closes without duct tape!
We went from this:
Ripped out floor, walls, and no pantry door. Crazy fans and dehumidifier. X-Treme Cleaning did an awesome job drying up the place. Thanks Luciano!
To this:
Shnazy Duct tape I know, rocking the original grey
To this:
Door is back in action, with side panel so no more duct tape. Drywall installed and ready for primer. Thank you Phil and Phil Jr from RPS for helping us out!

 Still rocking the concrete/ peel and stick tile floors for now

Guido approves of the work done so far. He is glad the counter is back in it's position.
Next week Luna comes to install the new Pergo floor. The color- Timber Wolf, ooo so woodsy!
After that the fridge goes back in its corner and the hunt for the replacement fridge begins.
So question, I was looking at a side by side as that is what we have. But lots of people recommend the French door models with the freeze drawer. Anyone go from one style to the other and have comments on which they like better?