Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up- Park Life/ Runner

Yes that is a cat in a box, Justin got next shoes and the cats have been swapping out in it. This weekend started off with a nice, wet 3.1 miles on Friday. I went for a little run around lunch time and it was misty a bit. Went nice and slow, working on distance, not speed.
Excuse the nasty chipped nail polish. After my run I finished working then headed for Goodwill for some deals. I got "L" (the princess) a coat for next fall and snow pants. I also got her a few other things. No park as some one was not being so good.
Saturday I met the some ladies from Moms Run This Town of Lake and McHenry and we tackled some miles together. I managed to complete my longest run of the year, 6.34 miles. I was pretty pleased with the splits and the time. Need to build up more miles before the half on June 14th. Afterwards I headed home where we cleaned the garage while "L" played with an array of outside toys. The bunny jump rope did not fair well but she had fun none the less. We headed to our favorite park for a quick 30 min to reward her for good behavior while we were cleaning.
We went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner and I wore my new Mary Kay makeup from my Influenster Vox Box, review coming soon.
Sunday we went to a new park to explore and had a great time. Justin had to work and could not come, but that was ok. This park had a playground and a paved bike path where we walked/bike/ran 1.6 miles. The path said 2 but the Garmin said 1.6. It was odd but maybe it did not pick up some things.
 And can I say but the forest preserves in our area have the nicest, cleanest bathrooms I have ever seen! I mean these bathrooms are nicer than some people's house bathrooms. Granted I still make her stay outside while I clear the bathroom first to make sure there are no creepos.

Look at how awesome this park was. The ground is all rubber and there was a swing and play structure too. These playgrounds today are AWESOME!

After the playground we headed to Culver's for lunch and custard followed by a nap, then another walk around the neighborhood.

Chocolate custard with brownies and Andies mints
Now Justin and I are watching WWE Extreme Rules and relaxing. How was your weekend?

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