Monday, May 26, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up- There is no P in our OOL

Saturday after the Color Run I headed home to shower up and take L to the pool. Saturday marked the beginning of pool season and I was determined to get our pool pass money worth. We headed there about 2pm and stayed for about an hour. It was 73 out and the pool was not too crowded. We got our pool passes and due to their internet being down we also both got free soft serve ice cream. It is really nice because our town pool is heated and is a nice 83 degrees.

View of the pool from the concession area, the pool is zero depth entry

Two slides, a body and a tube

More pool
L did so good showing off her swim lesson moves. She dove for diving sticks and practiced her swimming. She also went down the tube slide with me a few times.
After the pool Saturday we headed home to have yummy Pot Roast for dinner.
First time they have sat on the sill together, right before one of them hit the other
Sunday we headed back to the pool around noon, again not too crowded. We swam more and went down the slide 4 times. We could only stay an hour since Grandma and Nono were coming over. When we got home we got there just in time to meet Grandma and Nono in the driveway. L took a bath for a bit then we went on a walk to the elementary school so she could play on the playground. Even grandma got in on the action on the see saw. I went down some slide and totally bashed my knee. Sometimes I don't realize some of the slides are not for grownups.
After park fun, we headed home and to the backyard to play bubbles and do chalk drawings. It was so nice outside and enjoyable. So nice I am actually going to get a hammock for the yard.
Nono and L reading Lady and the Tramp
We had yummy burgers for dinner and the kringle I got at the Color Run.
 Monday was pretty low key, back to the pool again. Little Miss L was a bit additudey throughout the day. We stayed at the pool for 2 hours and enjoyed the 78 degree weather.
We just managed to escape the rain right after we headed home. When we got home we just did stuff around the house. L and Justin worked on telling time and counting money. We watched a few good baseball games and had cheese hot dog pigs in a blanket. All in all it was a great 3 day weekend. So glad the pool is finally open and the weather is warm enough to enjoy it. We are also very thankful for all the men and women who served and serve our country that we remember on this Memorial Day. Especially my cousin Caleb who is stationed in Korea for the Army. Thank you Caleb!


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