Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up- Burgers and Tacos- Lots of Pics!

This weekend was a pretty quiet one, which is just fine with us! Saturday we did some odds and ends around the house. We had this one light that was hard to reach burn out so Justin replaced that. We folded laundry and picked up the house. For dinner we went to a local favorite, Bulldogs in downtown Grayslake. This was Justin's belated birthday dinner.
One of the specials was the A-Rod and I just had to get it. In case he won't be around much longer :)

This is just the burgers, they have so many to choose from!

Justin enjoying the atmosphere while we wait for food

Yes I am wearing a sweatshirt and t-shirt in July, it was 60 degrees!

Justin looking at a flyer
They have a cute little dinner feel

Lots of local Grayslake support!

We were at the Elvis table

The small Garlic fries and Hillbilly fries

Double D for Justin

Bring on the Double D

Well hello A-Rod

After dinner we went and got Guido some kitty treats as he does not like Tobi's and some cat grass. Then we did some produce shopping at Garden Fresh Market.

Someone found his grass in the bag

Yup this just happened, we go Gelato! Made in Chicago too!

And the cats are out!
Sunday I decided to go outside for a run since it was only 67 outside. I got about 2.7 miles then was pretty much done.

I then went to GNC to pick up some Chia seeds and some protein drinks. Afterward we just hung out some more, Justin was working. For dinner we made Tacos, a black bean side, refried beans, and rice.
Love me some Sprechers!

 We watched Sharknado which was so bad it was good!
Then I finally got around to make the Paula Deen cookies we got months ago. Boy are they good!

Boy did this weekend fly by! How did you spend the weekend?


  1. That burger place looks great....especially those fries!!

    1. It's excellent, they have so many unique choices with funny names and it is cheap!