Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I had a super fun time bowling and playing Whirlyball with my co workers yesterday.  I am totally feeling it today too!

Co Workers after Whirlyball
This is Whirlyball
Eddie preparing to bowl

91 woohoo! I bowled with Jason and Sandeep

My co workers

Jason and Ed getting ready to bowl
My co worker Mike bought a Krueg to the office so I am excited to bring my 30% coupon to Kohl's Sunday to buy some coffee.  Yum!

Very excited about the weeks ahead.  Saturday Bonnie is coming over, Sunday my parents come over, Monday we are celebrating our 7th anniversary at Texas de Brazel, and 2 weeks from Thursday Lauren comes to visit!

This summer's Concrete Flavor from Culver's Birthday Cake!!! My favorite flavor.  Justin got me one Thursday night.

My husband and my boys :)

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