Monday, May 14, 2012

Our Anniversary

Happy 7th Anniversary to my wonderful husband Justin.  Here we are 7 years ago today:
and here we are today:
Still looking good if you ask me :)!
We both took the day off work and went to Woodfield where we enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Texas de Brazil.
Ready for the food!

Awesome salad bar

Who'd ready for some meat?

Enjoying myself

Green mean go meat!

Garlic Potatoes and Fried Bananas.

Salad Bar

Plate of ice cream they gave us for our anniversary

We had a reservation and did not have to wait long, it was not crowded at 12:30pm.  Our server was Greg and he was great.  We enjoyed the salad bar then sampled chicken wrapped in bacon, lamb, pork tenderloin, sausage, shaved sirloin, Parmesan chicken, and my favorite garlic sirloin.  When you are ready for meat you turn the card to green and they come over with all kinds of meat and then when you need a break you flip it to red.  When we were done Greg brought us a plate of ice cream that said Happy Anniversary, it was so nice and made me smile.  It was well worth it and we will go back for sure.
Afterwords we walked around Woodfield and then had to take his car back to the dealership because the issue we took it in for last week came back.  Then we went to the gym to work off all the tasty meat and I had fun at aqua fit.  What a great anniversary!!

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