Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

This weekend seemed to fly by!  Friday I went to Kohls to buy some K-Cups to bring to work then headed to the oh so favorite Goodwill.  I found a scrapbooking book for $2.99 which is pretty cool and stuffing for the pillows I wanted to make.  I went to Jo Anne to get the fabric and found cool outdoor fabric samples for $2 each.  I also got a pillow making kit for $6.95 and more stuffing.  Sunday I made the pillows and for under $25 I made all these:
I made the two striped ones on the left and the green and blue swirl ones on the right out of the out door fabric samples

Green swirl and blue swirl

two striped

These were made out of the pillow kit, a bit small but still cute and functional

That night we went to our Taco Bell by Gurnee Mills and the Friday night classic car show was back at Nostalgia McDonald's, I love watching the old cars while I eat.  It runs from May 1st to Oct 1st.  They play classic rock and you can walk around looking at the cars.

Justin worked Sat, I got up and went to Aqua Fit and then Bonnie came over and we scrapbooked.  It was great hanging out and catching up.  That night Justin and I ate at the Avalon for dinner where I had the Black Forest sandwich.  It was not too bad- roast beef and mozzarella on dark rye.  
Sunday for Mother's Day my parents came over.  Mom bought me this Tulip Bubble Bar from Lush from Guido and Tobi.  So sweet!  Mom and I went to Goodwill to return a sound machine I bought that did not work.  I got some shorts and I few lounge wear items.  Afterwards I made Easy Enchiladas for dinner.  Very tasty if I must say so and they were requested by mom.

We had a great time with mom and dad.  Afterwards we just hung out with the boys.  They were worn out!

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