Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend had one theme to it and it was organize!  
Friday was not too much organizing.  I worked until 3:30 Friday (after a long week of working, I had my 40 hours in by Thur morning) and then went to Midas for an oil change.  Boris got a clean bill of health from Midas then it was off to my favorite place... Goodwill.  I got three pairs of shorts, a hoodie, a skirt, some Born shoes, a Dooney and Bourke wristlet (99 cents) and these cute plastic placements for when we have kids.

Afterwards I got a few things at the Dollar Tree then headed home.  That night we just went to the mall and Taco Bell, we had already went to Walmart on Wednesday.  At the mall I got the baby themed Smash book so I can put all the cool stuff I see in magazines (not pregnant just preparing).  It is like a portable paper Pinterest).  Kay Jewelers had a Mother's Day sale and I picked up a black and white diamond ring to go with my necklace for $20.  
Not the best picture but you get the point
Saturday is when the organization began.  We had this grey storage tower we used at the apartment but never put it together at the house.  Sat I worked in the garage assembling it and organizing everything in there to either pitch it, donate it, or organize it.
Now I have room to store our extra paper goods, our games, and my neice's Christmas gifts.
Justin was also organizing too.  He decided he wanted to sell his Magic cards since he plays mainly online now.  So I helped him get them in order and make labels for the boxes so we could take them to the game store Sunday.  Let's just say I was not the only one interested in helping.

That night we went to Rudy's Mexican Grill in Grayslake for dinner.  They were out of most meats (most likely due to it being Cinco de Mayo) so we had nachos, tacos, and Dos Equies.   Not a bad Cinco de Mayo.

Sunday was a lazy, rainy day which meant we did not get out of bed until after Noon.  We got caught up on some DVR shows and relaxed after a hectic week ( I had to commute to the city 3 days last week which meant 3 12 hour days).  We played some Gears of War 3 and dropped his cards off at the game store.  I made some yummy pasta and sausage for dinner with garlic bread I seasoned myself and we enjoyed dinner as we watched the Phillies beat the Nationals.

All in all it was a very good weekend that was also pretty productive.  
How was your weekend?

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