Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend WrapUp- In Pictures

 Relaxing Tobi on Sunday
 Dinner Sunday- Red Beans and Rice and salad
 Playing SSX
 Tobi sleeping on the phone
 Guido on his Coach bag
 More tired Tobi
 Sweet Guido
 Mommy got a Keurig and I got a box
 Old cars at Nostalgia McDonalds

Napping with Lion
Well we did have one semi eventful weekend.  Friday Stanley Steamer came and not 10 minutes after they left I heard a crash upstairs.  The entire top of the closet shelf came crashing down.  That night we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and I finally got a Keurig, I love it.  Sat we cleaned the house since Lauren comes Thursday.  Sunday we bought a Bissell Little Green pet machine since someone puked on the newly cleaned carpet.  

Anything eventful with your weekend?

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