Thursday, June 16, 2011

30th Birthday

Today was my 30th birthday and it was a wonderful day.  I got so many birthday wishes on Facebook, it was so sweet of everyone!  After work I went to the Cubby Bear with my friends from EBO as they came to tour 4OP today.  Denise, Gabe, Dani, Craig. Brian, Joe, and Tunji all came.  We had nachos and drinks and so good laughs.  Justin meet us there at 6pm.  Denise, Gabe, Justin, and I then went upstairs to sit on the patio and listen to music and talk.  We were at the place from 4:30-8pm, so nice to just catch up and chill out.  Afterward Justin and I went to Portillo's for dinner.  He had a burger and fries and I had a Maxwell Street Polish, fries, and a slice of chocolate cake for my birthday.  Such and fun and memorable birthday indeed! Can't wait to see Bonnie and Adam Sat and then Sunday Justin and dad are going to an IRL race and mom and I are shopping!! I know I need to post my Goodwill finds too!
Craig's Beef tips

I love me so Nachos!

Gabe, Dani, Brian, Joe, and Tunji

Gabe and his Coronas


Me and my Buddy!

Portillos chocolate cake!

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