Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fabulous Valentines Challenge

Lots of people are linking up and doing this one so I thought I would join in on the fun.

Starting on Monday January 30th you can link up every day for the next 2 weeks after that (Mon-Fri, Mon-Fri)

Here are the topics and dates:

1. Loved This Date - Best Date Ever : Monday January 30th

2. Love Telling This Bad Date Story - Worst Date Ever: Tuesday January 31st

3. Love My Outfit - Valentine's Day Outfits: Wednesday February 1st

4. Love Weddings - Share your wedding photos, your friends or families, or your pinterest inspiration!: Thursday February 2nd

5. Love My Girlfriends: Friday February 3rd

6. Love to be Creative - recipes, crafts, gifts, etc: Monday February 6th

7. Love Blogging(why did you start, what posts are your favorite, why do you blog, anything:Tuesday February 7th

8. Love Myself(favorite feature, best quality, best personality trait anything)Wednesday February 8th

9. Love My Family(pictures, traditions, quirks) Thursday February 9th

10. Love My Vices(because we all have them) Friday February 10th

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