Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our Newest Family Member


Meet Tobi, Guido's new brother.  Tobi came to live with us on December 17th.  My co worker Eddie was looking for someone to adopt Tobi because their dog Duke is allergic to him and they are having a new baby.  I said I would try and find Tobi a home.  Well once I saw Tobi's picture I fell in love.  The first few days with Tobi and Guido were rough.  We had Tobi in the bathroom at night and the bedroom during the day.  Poor Tobi cried at night which made it hard on us.  By day 2 I let Tobi roam free and was like you two sort it out.  Tobi and Guido now get along great.  The love to wrestle and lay on the bed and sleep. 

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