Saturday, December 7, 2013

Library Adventures- Exploring What the Library Has

Twice a week Princess and I enjoy going to an adventure to the library. I have been going to the library since we moved to our town 5 years ago. You really realize how many cool things they have when you go to the kids department. One thing our library has that is awesome is Theme Bags. We have gotten a few of these theme bags. Some we have had are Princess and Healthy Food. They usually have a few books, sometimes a puzzle, or activities to do. The most recent one we got was the Llama Llama bag. It included the cute stuffed Llama above and two books to read as well as an adventure log to write what you did with the Llama. She loved us getting to take care of the Llama for a week!
Our library also has lots of run puzzles and games for the kids to play while at the library. You can check out board games to play while you are there or go to the computer lab and use a computer or tablet. Another awesome item we have recently discovered is the Playaway Views. They are these little screens that show 2-3 episodes of a kids show on it. We have gotten Arthur, Eloise, and a few others. They are great for the car or when we need to wait somewhere. It is nice because it is like her own personal tv without worrying about her clicking on anything she should not. We love these!
My favorite part of the library is just picking out the books I can read her each week. So far we have made it a routine to read 4 books on the couch with the tv off each night before bed. I pick out 2 and she picks out 2 books to read. Sometimes Daddy even gets to read a book. It is a great way to end the night and relax before bed.
What exciting things have you discovered at your library lately?

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