Sunday, June 8, 2014

My Expierence with ENERGYbits- A Review

A few weeks ago I messaged ENERGYbits about seeing if they can send me a sample of their product to sample and review. I have been reading a lot about other runners that use ENERGYbits, especially Linz over at See Sharp Run. If you have not checked out his blog yet, I highly recommend heading over there and giving it a try. I would love to be able to run half the runs he does! But back to the bits.
So I have been really experimenting a lot with fueling lately due to the Half Marathon being less that a week away, YIKES! I think I have the electrolytes down with my Nuun, Hammer, and CocoGo but I wanted something else. I have also been using GU with much success but still wanted to try something else. I received my ENERGYbits in the mail really fast, I was impressed with the way they came.
 I received the bits and a lot of great information about the product.Isn't the tin cute? Well the tin is important, you see the ENERGYbits are just that, bits. Little bits, or what look like tablets, of 100% organically grown, NON GMO spirulina algae and loaded with 40 nutrients. Ok I will admit, when I opened the container I was taken aback by the smell. Yes I know algae smells but I was not ready for the pure sea like smell. Plus there are no calories, chemicals, or added sugar. Here is how they look when you open the tin:
Very green and algae full! I went for a run last week with my co worker, we were going 5 miles. I figured this was a great time to go ahead and give the bits a try. The website highly recommends you swallow them whole, they are food so you can chew them, but with the smell I decided to just swallow them down. They suggest you use 30 bits, but I am hording them for a second run so I only tried 15. They were very easy to swallow and I was so pleased to admit almost no taste going down. Also zero, I said ZERO after taste. I was not burping up algae taste at all on my run or hours later.
I headed out for my 5 miles about 10 minutes after taking the bits. I was shocked, usually by mile 4 I am like get me out of here. I was still pretty full of energy and could have kept going. I did not get a sudden burst of energy but it felt like sustainable energy and zero crash. I never really noticed the energy wearing off per say. After the run I was also surprised how full I felt. Sometimes after a run I want to eat all the food in sight!! I did have a protein bar to replenish myself but I ate that out of need and not want.
Like I said I only took half the recommended amount and was still pleased with the effects. I plan on using more before my Half Marathon on the 14th. They were gentle on the stomach and provided the sustainable energy I needed. Plus it was nice to feel satisfied after my run and not starving! I plan on writing a second blog post after my next usage.
Have you used ENERGYbits or something like them on your run? For more information visit their site- They also offer different kids of bits like Skinny and Recovery.

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