Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up- Finally Organized the House

Sweet Tobi hanging out in the bathroom, I shaved him again this year and surprisingly he does not look mangy.
This was a busy week for us. Lots of running around here and there. Lots of me running around literally.
This was my second to last week prior to my Half Marathon on June 14th. Where as I did not want to run too long, I wanted to get in some quick, fast runs mid day to experience the hit of the day. I ran Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and walked with Justin Friday. Total mileage this week was 11 miles and fastest mile was 11:14 mm, not too bad and all. And on National Running Day none the less!
Friday I went and got L early around 3:30pm after work and we went to the pool. It was beautiful outside and we could not pass it up. I also ordered two new swimsuits from Victoria's Secret and they came Friday. I could not wait to wear them! We played with her doll in the pool when she met a little friend named Ashlyn and they went off and swam a bit. I was happy to see her meeting friends as she is still working on her social skills some. We stayed for about 40 minutes and headed home. This is the joy of having the pool pass.
Saturday I spent a lot of the morning working on FINALLY weeding all my winter clothes and hanging up my summer ones. Justin and I spent some time playing catch by the school. After that L and I went to the pool. It was a bit overcast and a little windy. The girl Ashlyn from the prior day was there again and they played with the new diving rings we bought. After that we went home and to Denny's for dinner. I had their grilled chicken salad and was impressed. I also had the birthday cake shake, yum! We went to Toys R Us and I got L some leappad games for $7, they were on clearance.
Sunday we headed out to Goodwill and Savers. I got L a little Mermaid comforter, gently used for $6. I also found a new backpack for next year for $4 amongst other good deals. We also ventured to Trader Joe's so I could restock. Can I please get out of that place for less than $50. We also worked on some school work. She has some things to work on before next school year and I want to make sure she is all caught up. For dinner I mad chopped salad and surprisingly she ate it, we also watched WrestleMania 28. It was a busy weekend but not a bad weekend. How was yours?

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