Thursday, April 12, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

This wonderful service we invested in this year:
Lets me watch this:
 And this:
From my computer, phone, Xbox, and PS3.  Go Yankees and Phillies!!

I got to have Chick Fil A tonight after the dentist.  With the lack of Chick Fil A restaurants we have up here, this was a special treat.

Our new Build a Bear mascot, picked up for us by our wonderful friends in Boston (Kristin and Ben), Wally who is coming to our house next week.
 I hate the Red Sox but I love mascots!

That the weekend is almost here and I can relax!

These items:
 Just found these at Walgreens today.  Combine my two favorites: dark chocolate and cadbury eggs
This dress from Target:


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