Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday

1. It's finally Friday! Even after a long weekend and a shorten work week, this week seemed SOOOO long. I am glad I made it through the week!

2. Yesterday I went running with my friend Paula from work. It was nice to have a running buddy and loop around the Savanna. It was my first time running and talking, what a challenge! There were lots of allergens in the air too which did not help. I'm looking forward to our next run together.

3. Goodwill hunting was good to me today. I got a 25% off coupon from donating some items and was looking for just the right deals to spend it one. I got a new Oakley Ski Jacket originally over $200 for $10. I also got Star Wars Risk, I have always wanted to play Risk! I found an Ann Taylor sweater, a Eddie Bauer sweater, and a Pink brand sweatshirt, all for under $30, score!

4. Watching Great and Powerful Oz tonight, not sure how I feel about the movie yet but the colors are amazing!

5. We have really gotten back into watching wrestling and Total Divas. I love how much of a soup opera wrestling is. It is so fun cheering for Daniel Bryan and the Miz each week, even if they are currently getting beat a lot! Interested in seeing where the story lines are going.

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  1. I think finding someone to talk to while I run is a great way to make the run go faster! It is difficult, but it's a good gauge of how hard you're working. Awesome job!