Sunday, September 22, 2013

Adventure Amongst the Corn- Our Fall Tradition

Saturday we took our annual trip to Richardson's Adventure Farm in Spring Grove, IL. We only live about 25 minutes away so it is quick and easy to get there. This year Bonnie and Carter were able to join us and it was Carter's first time at a corn maze.
Waiting for Bonnie to arrive to start our maze adventure

We headed in the big red barn to pay our admission and then explained to Carter what the corn maze was.

Justin and I have been going to the maze for many years. This year's theme was the Beatles 50th anniversary. They did a great job and the maze was really cool. 

Entrance to the corn maze, it's huge!
 Richardson's is not just a place to go to a corn maze, they have added so much cool stuff over the years! You can rent a campfire to sit with your family around, go on hayrides, zipline, Zorb, pet animals, see pig races, and more. You could seriously spend the whole day here. We spent about 2 1/2 hours there and felt we got our monies worth.
One of the campfires, it smelled so good!

Bonnie and Carter checking out the goats
 First stop was the animal area to see the goats, alpaca, and rabbits. I pet the goat of course but Carter did not seemed to interested in petting, he just wanted to observe them and look at the trucks.
Took this picture from one of the bridges
 They have 2 bridges and an observation deck so you can climb up and look at the vastness of the maze and property.
Looking out from the bridge, so much corn!

Bonnie punching her card at one of the stops
As you go through the maze, you get a card that you can punch as you find all 20 stations. They also have a quiz maze, farm mystery hunt, and a color maze.

Carter was such a good boy and seemed to love the adventure of the farm. He sat in the stroller for a bit and walked quite a bit of the maze. He did such a good job in the maze! 
Great picture of us at the farm! yes that is a Buccaneer jacket, don't ask. :) 

 It took us an hour and 20 minutes to make it the 2 mile route we took through the maze. After going 5 plus time (yes they change the maze each year) Justin has become a pro at reading the check post map. After completing the maze we headed over to watch the pig races. We got there just in time and saw two race.
Carter loved the piggies

They were so little and cute, eventually they will be big!

All the pigs had names and most were Beatles themed.

 Once the pig races ended we walked around to see what else there was to do. We took Carter over to the jumping pillows to see if he wanted to do it. It was great that they had one for big kids and one for little kids, he went to the 48 inches and under pillow.
Seemed a little unsure of the jumping pillow

Bonnie helping him figure it out
 After the pillow Carter went and played in the playground for a bit. Once he was done we headed back to the Silo to buy our traditional bag of kettle corn, they make some of the best kettle corn there! I also bought this cute scarecrow rice crispy pop and a corn maze patch.
German sausage holding our kettle corn

Cute scarecrow!
We bid farewell to the maze for this year, well Bonnie, Carter, and Justin did. I will be back to the maze Oct 20th to participate in the Run Through the Maze 5k, can't wait!
Have you been to a corn maze before? Do you have any fun fall traditions?

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