Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Goal Completed! Brewers 10K in the Bag!

My goal I set this summer was to run my first 10K this fall. A friend and I were going to run the Brewers 10K together, but she got injured. Then I was like "crap I guess I better do this thing myself". There was no way I was backing out, another chance to run on the field at Miller Park, yes please!
Friday after work I drove up and back to Miller Park, it's about a 2 1/2 hour round trip with packet pick up, but not a bad trip. I got to Miller Park and there were tons of signs pointing out where to go. Packet pickup was at the club level, a place I have never been but always wanted to. It was not crowded at all, they were smart and had 2 days of pick up. I got my bib, directions, T-Shirt, and in our goody bag was a bobble head. I have never been to a race where you got a bobble, granted they were left over from the summer giveaways but still awesome.

I got to see the Brewers apple

Said hi to Bernie and headed home
Saturday, I got up at 4am to get ready to head to the ballpark. My wonderful husband made the journey to see my first 10k with me. We had to get there by 6:30 as the roads were closing at that time since race start was 7:10am. It was chilly out but not too bad. When we got there we headed into the stadium to get ready and stretch. It was nice they had the ballpark open for family to watch the runners. This was my first run with my name on the bib, I felt so cool.
I'm ready to run!
After numerous bathroom trips, I headed towards corral K. Not sure what I put as my pace but corral K was so far back it did not even get a sign! I chatted with some ladies in my corral and before you know it we were moving towards the start line. Everyone walk to the line, which was nice so we could conserve energy. As soon as I crossed the mat, I hit the Garmin and was off. The first mile was crowded, the half marathon runs did not split from the 10K group until 3/4th into the first mile. My first mile ended up being a bit slow.
Mile 2.5 we got to run through Miller Brewery, it was so cool running down the street where I am normally walking on a tour.
Mile 5 with brewery in background
Originally they said water would be every 2 miles or so, it was nice to see it was at every mile. I wore my Nathan's belt so I only had to stop twice at a water station. Mile 4 I noticed a girl next to me, I thought she was trying to pass me. Turns out we ended up pacing each other the whole rest of the run and crossed the line together. We turned to each other on Miller Park field and thanked each other for pacing, I was so lucky to find a silent motivator. As we ran through Miller Park, I looked for Justin but could not find him, it turns out he did end up seeing me!
Here I am with my pacer friend Nicole running through Miller Park
 Surprisingly I barely had to stop and walk, I think I only stopped twice for a short period of time. I felt really good the whole race and probably could have kept going. That's a good sign right? Heading out of Miller Park we rounded the corner and up a hill towards the racing sausages waiting for us with Bernie at the finish line. I started to speed up and me and my partner sprinted for the finish.
Finishing strong, great pictures from Marathon Foto
Super cheesy "I did it" shot

I finished my first 10K in 1:11:24 and was very excited, I far exceeded the time I expected. I grabbed my water, snacks, and of course awesome medal!
Love that it has Miller Park on it
Found Justin and we headed to get our free beers and relax for a bit.
I finished and I did not come in last!
Miller Park

Awesome husband!
Had to take the medal shot
All in all loved this run and will either do the 10k or mini marathon next year. The Brewers hosted another great run and I am so glad I did it! Next up, possible half marathon... gulp.


  1. Ahh! Congrats on your finish! It looks like such a fun race! :) What's next on the list???

    1. Thanks Meghan! It was a very fun race and I will do it next year for sure! Next is the Corn Maze 5k on the 20th. Then a few more 5ks and 10ks hopefully in the winter to prepare for the next step, Wisconsin Half Marathon in May!