Monday, October 7, 2013

Running Forward- What's Next??

It's been 5 months since my first 5k and I am surprisingly still going! I have managed to run one to two races a month, a goal I set back in May. I have completed in 1 mud run, 4 5ks, and 1 10k since May. I have 2 more runs planned for the end of the year and still need to pick my December race.
So what's next on the horizon? Well Oct 20th I am doing a very cool run, World's Largest Corn Maze 5k where you run through the corn maze I went to on Sept 20th. I am very excited for this one and got some new shoes last night to wear during it. I got some Asics Scram 2.
They felt really comfortable and got good reviews so hopefully they will help me zoom through the maze.
After that I will be running the Veterans Day 10k in Kenosha, WI. I am running that one with my friend Paula. I look forward to doing another 10k, I really liked that distance when I did the one two weeks ago. So what's next?? Well I have been really thinking lately about how far I want to go with running and decided I want to keep going. I did join my local running club, I have not had a chance to run with them but home to soon.
 Last night I made the leap and committed to the next step... a 1/2 marathon. I signed up for the Rock and Sole Half Marathon in Milwaukee, WI for June.
Does it make me nervous, a little. But I know with continuous training I can do it. Again it is never the distance that scares me, but it's coming in last :). I am hoping some people I know might do this one with me, but if not I'll be prepared to pound the pavement alone! Who knows what runs I will do between now and then. I am hoping to fine a 15K or a 10 Miler. Not sure where I will go after that run either. I am hoping I will enjoy 1/2 and can keep doing them for awhile before contemplating a further distance, we'll see what the future brings.

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