Monday, October 21, 2013

World's Largest Corn Maze 5k- Race Recap

Sunday the 20th I ran the World's Largest Corn Maze 5k for the first time. I had been checking the weather all week and saw it was going to be COLD! 35 degrees to be exact. Thankfully I bought some new long sleeve shirts to prepare myself. The event was help at Richardson's Corn maze, one of our favorite places to visit in fall, read about this year's visit here. I got to the race about 7:30 and proceeded to get my packet. It was very organized and I walked right up and got my bib and shirt. The shirts are actually really cool!
They had a very good wave system. I was in wave 11, which means I was expected to run a mile in the 11s. Our wave went at 8:46 and I was the first one from my wave to go.
Finish line

Looking at the corn
 I headed out and immediately realized this would be like any run I have ever done. The twists and turns, the course was well market but you never knew which direction you would be sent next. Lots of hill, challenging but good. The ground was also muddy since it rained the day before so I had to be careful, there was also downed corn and stalks in some places. I carried my new Nathan's handheld and never had to stop for water. I actually ran the entire 5k without walking, this was a first for me. Maybe all that running and talking helped because I was shocked. I just kept chugging along. My gps said the race was only 3.02 mile, but it clearly had some issues in a few areas. Official time:
I was pretty pleased with my time for it being a trail run in the mud. They had lots of food at the end to fuel up on. All in all great race and well organized. Will certainly do this one next year!
Pretty cool bib

I finished!

My outfit, I got a few complements! My socks were $2 from Hobby Lobby and were Halloween paint splatter. I made my skirt, it was super comfortable and stayed put.

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