Sunday, October 13, 2013

Making My Own Shimmery Running Skirt-Being Crafty and Saving Money

I have seen so many cute pictures lately from runners wearing shinny sparkly skirts. I started thinking I wanted to order one. With the prices kind of high and the fact I would want multiple colors, I thought "Maybe there is a way I could make one." I wanted more than just the standard ones out there that are solid colored. I headed over the Joanne Fabric today to see what I could find. I knew there would be tons of shinny fabric with Halloween around the corner. I bought 26 inches of the purple spiderweb fabric above and 26 inches of the two fabrics below.
It's hard to tell but the red one is a red with little blots of gold all over it. I might wear it to my Veteran's Day run and/or a Christmas one. Total for the 3 fabrics and the black elastic was less than $10. I will be able to get 2 skirts out of the elastic. When I got home I searched the internet to see if anyone had a tutorial to make one and I found this blog called Beauty Still Remains. She had a wonderfully detailed tutorial on how to make one. As usual my sewing machine annoyed the heck out of me and I think I have room for improvement for the next one, but I am pleased how this one came out. I plan on wearing it Sunday at the World's Largest Corn Maze 5k. I'll make sure to post a picture from the run. I just hope it holds up!
Have you ever made your own running gear?


  1. Ahh! That's adorable! I absolutely love it!

  2. Thanks Meghan! I am working on a second one tonight and post when it is done. They are not too hard and super fun. If you are crafty at all you could make some frilly skirts for the new little lady when she comes :)