Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up- Surprises and Relaxing

We had a very nice weekend this weekend. Friday I went out to Kohl's after work to get some running shirts, success there. Then I went to our K-Mart which is closing and everything is discounted. I thought they would only have crap but there was surprisingly a lot left. I got some socks I am going to make into arm warmers, a foam roller, and this Brodus Clay Brawlin Buddy. I love the Tons of Funk theme song and Brodus so this was a good score at 20% off. He watched Smackdown with us that night.
Saturday we went to a surprise birthday party for one of my closest friends at work Eddie. He may have turned 40 but he is extremely young at heart!
We put these up at work Thursday to celebrate
Justin and I got to their house early to help set up for the party. It was great when he walked in the door, he looked so surprised! Afterwards we went to Half Price Books, Goodwill, and Woodman's. Not a lot of bargins but that's ok. We had a yummy dinner at Tacos El Norte, I had avocado taco, steak taco, and a chorizo taco. I saved the chorizo for Sunday. We took some fun photos when we got home.

Me and Guido

Me and Tobi
Sunday I got up and ran the Maze 5k, you can read about it here. I came home and napped with Tobi for a bit during football. Then I decided to attempt my first apple pie. We got out new peeler in the mail Saturday and I was excited to try it. What an awesome tool, it worked out great! The pie came out excellent!! I found it off the Weight Watcher site and bought the pie crust at Walmart.
New peeler
Tobi supervising the pie making

Guido helping
Yummy pie!
Later that night I also made Hungarian Goulash and we watched Hangover 3.
 The goulash was so good and Hangover 3 was not as good as 1 but was better than 2. I started not feeling all that great so I headed to bed early. All in all we had a very nice weekend. Hope yours was good too!!

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