Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day, Hooray!

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend this past weekend. Our weekend was pretty low key, which is exactly what we were hoping for.
Tuesday- I know not really Labor Day yet, but I finally got my hair cut. What do you think?
Friday- I went to Goodwill to see if I could find any bargains. I ended up getting two bags- one a canvas Lands End and one is a Lucy bag for my gym clothes. I also ended up in the Goodwill for almost an hour due to the monsoon that came. It was coming down so hard it sounded like horses on the roof and water was coming in. On the plus side I was indoors and I ran into my friend Bridget whom I was glad to catch up with! That night we did some errands and came home and relaxed.
Saturday- Slept in some and hung out at home during the day. Guido discovered that the suitcase is his new club house:

At night we went to a few stores to do some shopping and pre order some video games. We went to Toys R Us to get a birthday present and stumbled upon the T-Pain mic and found there are now speakers! Every kid needs one of these sets.

 For dinner we went to Ruby Tuesday's where I got the steak and Justin got the new pretzel burger. Both were excellent. I also got a nice Bear's shirt on discount and Kohl's finally had my jeans!
My Bears shirt is like this one with the old logo:
Sunday: We headed to Lake Zurich to go to the newer La Fitness and then to Trader Joe's to go shopping. This La Fitness was so nice compared to ours, all the machines had tvs, nice locker room, and their spin room was stadium style. So jealous! I was only going to do 3 miles on the treadmill but managed to knock out 5.

Looking super sweaty! We got some good stuff at Trader Joe's, such as my new obsession crumpets!! For dinner we made Rachel Ray's NY style mac and cheese, an old favorite!

Where's mine?
During dinner we watched the new Great Gatsby movie, I loved Leonardo as Gatsby!
I found the music and style of filming to be excellent. I remember reading the book and watching the movie in high school, so as soon as I saw this advertised I wanted to see it. It certainly did not disappoint!
Monday- Slept in again! Justin got a hair cut and I cleaned house. The cats rested.

I also played my new Xbox game Disney Infinity, it's pretty fun! For dinner we made Grilled Cheese on the Foreman and Southwest Chicken Weight Watcher Salad, yum!

All and all it was a pretty relaxing weekend. Tuesday was rough going back to work, allergies are getting to me!!
How was your Labor Day weekend, do anything fun?

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